Two Easy Methods Of Sharing Data From One Airtel Number To Another

how to share data on Airtel
We'd be sharing two different methods of sharing your data to your loved ones, while the first method will work with any network, the second is strictly for Airtel numbers.
We all at one point in life or the other will want to surprise our loved ones with gifts which can either be in cash or in kind. It can be by sharing airtime, data or even direct cash.

• Buying data from your account to the the person's number

The first method we'll be sharing is probably the most common, and you can even do it without having data, as you'd be charged directly from your account.
There are different methods of doing that, including:
  - Your bank's mobile app: This involves buying data directly from your mobile app, and then imputing the person's phone number instead of yours. The person will get the data immediately, while the money will be debited from your account.
  - Your bank's USSD code: This is similar to the above, but some bank's Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) might not support direct data purchase, so you can send in airtime instead while the person does the subscription with his/her hands.
  - A third-party app: This is my best option because it helps me some percentage of the money I spent. My favourite app is the Jumia One App. With it, all users get 5% instant bonus as cashback on all airtime and mobile data recharges. In addition to that, all users that join with this link will get a whopping 20% promo on all their first purchases.

• Airtel SmartSHARE

The Airtel SmartSHARE is the easiest way of sharing data from one Airtel number to another. There are two different methods of doing that, but their steps are almost similar.
  - Data Gifting: Data gifting is the first option in the Airtel SmartSHARE and simply means buying data for another Airtel user.
  - Data Me2U: Data Me2U on the other hand will allow you transfer data from your existing data allowance to another Airtel customer.

To access the Airtel SmartSHARE, simply dial *141# on your Airtel number and select the option 6 (Data Gifting & Sharing). Then select the first option to select your pin if you haven't done so. The default pin is 1234.
After selecting your pin, you will then proceed to either the Data Gifting or the Data Me2U option.

More information on the Airtel Data Share

Before you share your first data, kindly note the following:
• You can share a maximum of 200MB at a time
• You can only gift two Aiirtel subscribers in a day, meaning that you can share a maximum of 400MB daily
• The Airtel SmartSHARE is not a way of extending your data as the shared data will have the same validity as the original data. For example, if your regular data will be expiring on August 11th, 2020 and you share it to your brother, it'll still expire on the same day. You can however extend the validity period by topping up the subscription.

What more? Don't forget to drop us a comment if it worked for you. Meanwhile, why don't you see how to receive your own 3GB free gift from Airtel Nigeria?
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