The Impact Of Covid-19 On The Future Of Cosmetic Surgery

The Impact Of Covid-19 On The Future Of Cosmetic Surgery
The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted practically every industry around the world.
In particular, it’s impact on non-essential and healthcare industries has been astronomical. When we look into the cosmetics industry, for example, it was an industry that was continuing to blossom as popularity in the industry grew over the years. 

However, the impact of COVID-19 has caused practices and treatments to be temporarily halted as they adjust to new standards and regulations to protect patients and staff. It’s also likely these guidelines will remain for many many months as practices and surgeons look to adapt to these new times. Here, we take a look at what the future could look like for the cosmetics industry from the aftermath of COVID-19.

Telemedicine increase

We’ve had to have a dependence on technology as a result of the global pandemic as we become out of touch with our close, loved ones. Similarly, practices have had to close or rearrange their appointments as they only have the ability to treat essential and emergency patients. Understandably, this has seen a growth in telemedicine as surgeons try to treat patients remotely.

In the many months to come, it’s likely these methods will be the norm for surgeries that are having to adapt to these new times. Patient experience will be different to what they’re used to as technology is likely to have a major influence on the industry.

Difference in face-to-face appointments

Social distancing measures continue to be applied for many public spaces and surgical practices are likely to adhere to these guidelines for the near future. In order to be safe, government health guidelines recommend people not in the same household remain 2m apart in order to protect themself from contracting the virus.

Considering how quickly a virus has the potential to spread in a surgical practice, the experience of face to face appointments are likely to be completely different. Implementations such as hand sanitizers, air filters and minimal contact between staff will continue to be the norm for months to come.

Popularity in fillers and botox will remain

Although cancellations have likely happened with many appointments for patients, the demand for treatments are likely to remain. In particular, botox and filler treatments continue to be sought after with their continuous success. Where some patients may be willing to hold off on a breast reduction surgery, having to continue their treatment on wrinkles will still be a priority.

Patients will be eager to learn when their rescheduled appointment will be as they may be beginning to lose the effects of their treatment. This indicates that once normality hits again, we’re likely to see patients flood in for the treatment once again.

Safety guidelines could make cosmetic surgery less appealing in the future

Whichever angle you look at the industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has had major effects. Until there’s a possibility of a vaccine coming into place or the population having a recovery from its impact, the cosmetic industry isn’t likely to be the same again and popularity levels may not be what it once was as patients fear for their safety.
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