Fact Check! Is Blogging Still A Lucrative Job? Can You Make Money From It?

Is Blogging Still A Lucrative Job?
When in the cool evening of a normal day in 2017, I was broke, broken and hungry.
My academics were dangling, my social life was becoming a tragedy and I needed money to mend things.
I base in Owerri to be precise, and moved out to get a job together with my twin brother.
If you have been to Imo State, or Owerri, you will know that there are almost no industries in the capital city. Only hotels, fast foods, night clubs, schools, churches, gas and filling stations.

The first place we stopped by was a hotel somewhere in Orji, ₦50 transport (or trekkable if you have the energy) from Imo State University.
To our greatest disappointment, they had no vacancies. We tried a few more places and got the same rejection stories, and moved back to our school lodge.

We are introverts, and the hotel job wouldn't have been a great idea for us. We forgot about it and went online.
The regular everybodies' search, 'how to make money online'. I can still remember the first blog that popped out, and we read through like some money hungry vampires... haha!
With that, we ran back home and returned with our laptop. We had one then.

The first site we worked on was on a .com.ng domain, and we bought it at just ₦1,250 from Whogohost. It wasn't a huge success, and we sold it off 2018, but that was after buying InfoGuideAfrica.com.

Now before I start, pardon me for skipping an introduction. My name is Igbo Clifford Chimaizuobi, and I am a twin blogger, freelance writer and Forex trader. You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @Chimaizuobi.
My twin is Stanford Onyemaizuchi, and we both manage this site. You can connect with him everywhere @Onyemaizuchi.

The story I just told above wasn't made up, and blogging has changed my life. When I began, people discouraged me a lot.
We didn't start because we wanted quick money, we just enjoyed the feeling of having your friends read about you from links you share, and we were reporting news from places close to us, and gaining little relevance on Facebook and Twitter.

After sometime, money started coming it. Did I mention that we couldn't subscribe then, so were working only mid-night, thanks to the Airtel midnight bundle?
After sometime, we started doing other things to make us money, and within two years, we have a total of five websites - two sub-domains and three normal websites.
Our blog makes us at list ₦200,000 a month, and that without AdSense.
Truth, it is looking like magic, and I never believed blogging was so lucrative, but my dreams did... haha!

Okay, so how do bloggers make money?

Some of the ways to make money from your blog as a Nigerian include:

- Ad Networks: Ad networks act as an intermediary between business owners and bloggers. They collect money from the business owners and pay a percentage to individual bloggers to display the ads.
- Sponsored posts: If your blog is having quality statistics, you can make good money from sponsored posts. The best paying advertisers are not Nigerians, and you need a PayPal account to run it effectively.
- Affiliate marketing: In this, you refer customers to sellers and earn yourself a commission. Some of the companies that you can do this for include Amazon and Jumia.
- Selling of digital products and courses: You can sell ebooks, videos, podcasts and even software online. It is also information marketing to an extent.

You can sell physical products, do dropshipping and other things. 
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Blogging is very lucrative, and I will take you gradually to the steps on how you can begin to make more than ₦30,000 monthly from your blog.
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