10 Websites That Can Land You Freelance Writing Jobs in Nigeria

Websites That Can Land You Freelance Writing Jobs in Nigeria
Freelancing is a great job for people that want to earn a living online because of its flexibility. It is a special kind of job that allows people to work at their leisure, anywhere and anytime. 
As a freelancer, you'll be left with so many options to choose from depending on your passion and skill. Are you looking for the best freelancing websites that pay directly into your bank account, well there are over a thousand of them, or rather there are so many of them. There are many legitimate websites that you can join in order to get your gigs in front of many potential buyers and to crown it all, they support Nigerians.
Unlike Textbroker and other freelancing websites, the ones that I'll be sharing here support Nigerians and many of them are even Nigerian websites, so you won't have to bother about discrimination due to your continent or method of payment.
However, some that will be listed will also be paying via Payoneer so I suggest you create an account if you don't have one already.

High Paying Jobs For Nigerian Freelancers

As a freelancer, there are many jobs that you can offer and they all depend on your passion and most importantly, skill. So if you'e not learn anyone yet, I suggest you chose from the ones listed below and make a choice for yourself.

Freelance Writing: This simply means writing articles for money and it's one of the easiest many people engage in. As a freelance writer, you'll have the freedom to choose your gigs and also work at your desired time. However, the job is very competitive so you really need to be nice in order to get good profit from it. If you want to learn more on how to earn money as a freelancer, please check out this post on how to make money online as a freelancer in Nigeria.

Since January this year, I've been working with a regular client who brings steady writing jobs to me. Sometimes, due to my tight schedules, I reject and the other times, I give the jobs to other freelance writers who I know will be less busy and deliver well.

Guest Posting: I should have included this in the freelance writing but I need to explain more on it. Guest posting is a high paying job but it doesn't come every time. I got two last months that should have landed me more than $2,000 but my client stopped the job after a few deliveries.

Like I said earlier, guest posting is the same as  freelance writing but works in a different way. In guest posting, the client will give you a list of blogs to submit articles to and pay you for each submitted content or after an agreed number of submissions. In my last two months case, the client landed me a job to publish on health related blogs and I did very well in the job. Having been scammed before, I decided to collect money from him after each delivery and he paid me some of the money before he stopped replying to my mails.
Although he went with my money, I sure made enough money from him and that's one of my bad stories as a freelancer. However, guest posting is still very lucrative and if starting it will be of a great financial help to you.

Graphics Designing: Although I'm not into fully into this, I've only created logos for a few clients but I have friends that make good money online as graphics designers and they are really happy doing the job. With a few graphics designing software, you can create amazing graphics that would land you good money after a successful gig.

App Creation: I'm not into this but the job is very lucrative and an app can be created for as much as $2,000 or as low as $50 depending on the client. If you can bring out your time to learn how to create apps, then in no short time, you'll be earning a good money online creating apps for brands.

Website Creation: This is another very lucrative job especially in a developing country like Nigeria where people are still grabbing the trend of internet marketing. Many firms need e-commerce shops, forums, official websites, students' portals and many more.

Blog commenting: If you are less busy, then you can make good money commenting on blogs for your clients. Many people believe that Google and other search engines rank them based on their links that appear in other related blogs and if you can deliver the jobs fast, then you'll be landing yourself good job. But the pay might not be high, and you might not land clients easily.

Freelance Writing Jobs In Nigeria

With the things explained above, you'll see that there are many opportunities for freelancers in Nigeria. However, I told you that freelance writing is very competitive because it's the easiest in the list. Creative writing jobs in Nigeria require no special training and you can write and get paid in Nigeria, into your local bank account.
There are many freelance writing jobs in Lagos, Owerri, Aba, Abuja, Awka, Akwa Ibom and other cities in Nigeria but you just need to be exposed to them. So we'll be listing out some Nigerian blogs that pay writers and current job openings for freelance writers for you to choose from.
Some of them require that you send in your application letter as emails and if approved, you'll be selected for the job. It'll be best to send to all of them or at least, more than one of them to increase your chances of getting approved.

Nigerian Blogs That Pay Writers

Can you write? If yes, then these few websites hat we'll be listing will be good choices for you to choose from and to crown it up, many of them are free to join. Although websites like iProo might require that you pay some registration fee, as a newbie, I'd rather suggest that you run away from such as there is no guarantee of jobs after.

- Information Guide Nigeria

Information Guide Nigeria is a blog founded by Mr. Ifiokobong Ibanga and they have many writers already. It is a top Nigerian information resource and in search of talented writers like you to help them cover their huge demand of articles. The pay would be as agreed but I think it's not less than ₦500 per article. To find out more, please visit the official website.

- Naija Gists

You're looking for websites that pay Nigerian writers in Naira right? Well, NaijaGists.com is one of them. their only requirement is that you have a good command of English language and the ability to provide engaging contents. They have flexible payment options but you'll be required to provide two sample articles before you can be accepted. I've not written for them before, but you can check out the official website and if you're okay with it, then you just got a job.

- Information Guide Africa

This is a top online magazine for Africans and they accept articles from both Nigerians and foreigners. They recently stopped accepting free guest articles, thereby creating a wonderful platform for freelance writers to submit their articles. To write for them, you need to have a good command of English Language and be able to provide two articles a day. Payment is based on the total articles written but not defined on the website.
They accept writers in all niches because their website is a general niche. To apply, please send an email to [email protected] or visit the official website.

- My Past Question

This is an opportunity for people that have blogs and websites to earn ₦2,000 instantly by posting a review of myPastQuestion.com.All you have to do is to write about the website in your blog and share to your audience. The owner pays ₦2,000 or more depending on your blog traffic. Also, people that don't have blogs can earn by guest posting about the website on other blogs. To find out more, please visit this page.

- Domain King

Domain King is a Nigerian hosting company,...yea but they also have a blog and pay their contributors. According to them, they pay from $12 to $60 for each work submitted to them and published. I sent a mail to them but they never replied till today, however you can still try your luck.
To write for them, you'll have to first submit your sample article(s) which will be reviewed by their team and if it's accepted, you can start getting paid as a Domain King writer.
You can find out more about the benefits of writing for them and how to start from the official website.

- We Pay Writers

WePayWriters.com is another website you should check out as a freelance writer. To write for them, you should:
- Have a good command of English Language
- Write a unique sample article on any subject of your choice and send to [email protected].
Their team will access the article and get back to you within a week. You can check out their latest vacancies on this page.
These are some of them, the list is quite endless to see more, please visit here.

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