8 Home Decor Tricks & Tips To Brighten Your Living Room

8 Home Decor Tricks & Tips To Brighten Your Living Room
Are you bored of your old living room? Need to brighten things up?
Here are some tips that will help put life into your living room (pun intended). Before you get to work make a plan to ensure a smooth and efficient procedure.


• Budget:

The allocation of resources is extremely important before starting the living room décor maneuver. Use things that you already have or come up with DIY projects. This will not only save money but also make the decoration process more fun

• Do Not Overdo

A common problem that occurs while redecorating or renovating is the overdoing of things. The saturated options available in the market for every little detail can overwhelm you. This is the reason why people end up buying more than needed.

• Coordination 

Color and texture coordination is essential; it must go with the rest of the rooms in the house. Blended colors and textures will allow the look of the interior to brighten up so ambiance improves all in all.

Here are some ideas you can use to upgrade your living room.

• Include Light Colors 

Light colors work magically when it comes to brightening up the house. Not only do they reflect light more but also add a touch of minimalism which is perfect if you like simple and trifling settings.
8 Home Decor Tricks & Tips To Brighten Your Living Room

• Pastels Colored Walls

Incorporate neat themes like monochrome or contrast to your living room. This will create a calm and soothing ambiance and keep the room lit.

• Nordic Shades

Although complete blanc has its charm but using Nordic shades like grays, blues and whites can add a twist to the looks of your living room whilst creating a brighter setting

• All White

This idea might sound daunting but believe me, it looks stunning. White is not only a brightening color but also looks aesthetic. Living room with white walls and a hardwood floor would have better lighting.

• Wall Décor

Hanging white threadwork wall art or vivid B&W paintings on a wall can also contribute to a brighter living room. You can use a panel or wide canvas paintings to improve the composition of the space.

• Light Drapes

White drapes always look aesthetic regardless of the room’s color scheme.

• Manage Space the Right Way

The composition of a room makes a big deal of a difference when it comes to enhancing a room setting.
Wisely utilize space to create an illusion of a bigger and brighter room.
8 Home Decor Tricks & Tips To Brighten Your Living Room

• Vertical Space 

Take things to the walls. Install shelves instead of floor stools or cabinets and display your collections including books, stones, or whatever you are into.
Creating a colorful display will not only improve the ambiance but also reflect the artist within you.

• Space Under The Furniture 

Make sure to keep the space underneath the furniture, free. Stuffing things in there will only create a fuller look and distort the aesthetics. In this way, the light would be able to travel across the room freely creating an illusion of a bigger and brighter living room.

• Furnishing 

The size of the furniture is not as big of an issue as its color and placement. For the couch, do not place it in the corner, instead, place it in the center with floor vases and other decorative items in the corner.
Use small and compact furniture. You may opt for floating furniture which is a great way of making your space look bigger as they have multiple uses.

• Carpeting and Flooring Ideas 

Always go for dark hues for floors. Always go for dark hues for floors and here are experts of floor sanding. With light walls and dark floors, you can create a room that would look, not only bigger but, also more luxurious. Go for hardwood floors. They are durable and give a ‘boujee’ look to the setting.
8 Home Decor Tricks & Tips To Brighten Your Living Room
Rugs are better than wall-to-wall carpets. Using a dark thick rug in the center or the living room. This will create an illusion of a bigger space and make it look more lit and brighter.
Diagonal floor patterns or bigger tiles are an easy way of making the floor look wider. The bigger the room would look, the brighter it would seem.

• Light Source

I know what you are thinking “we are talking about a brighter room here, of course, we will be needing lots of lights.”. It does not have to be like that. If you use fewer lights wisely, they can add a similar effect without a bigger electricity bill.

• Oversized Lamps

Using various small lights can make the room overcrowded. Instead use a large and oversized lamp. It will provide more lights and also give a luxurious and artistic vibe to the whole setting.

• Chandeliers And Lanterns 

Such lights create a fancy look and disperse the light across the room creating a brighter and well-lit setting. Use central chandeliers as they keep the composition of the room stable.

• DIY Reflective Lamps

Reflective objects are great for spreading light. Use old cosmetic packaging and cut different shapes for the lamp cover. Color it in silver or any reflective paint. Make sure to stick it well so it won’t touch the bulb and remains intact. They work great, especially at night.

Welcome the Sun

Having windows in a room always help in improving the ambiance. The setting becomes more vivid. As natural light reaches every corner of the room; it kills bacteria and keeps the living room warm. Can it get any cozier?

The number of windows completely depends upon your living room's size and structure. You can also use large (wall-sized) sliding windows. Use frosted glass or a one-way glass to maintain privacy.

For a wall facing south, windows contribute to 5-12% of the lighting whereas, for other walls, 4-5% works well. In this way, your living would not only look brighter but your electricity bills will decrease too.

Crystal Artwork

Sunlight passing through transparent objects causes refraction which does not only add more to the lighting but also looks beautiful as the sparkling light disperses around the entire living room. Such objects will create an uncluttered look and make your space look airier.

Do Mirrors go in a living room?

Mirrors are a great way of doubling the light in the room without having to spend more on bulbs and other light sources. They reflect light and create a very aesthetic vibe in the whole space. There are various ways through which you can incorporate a mirror in your living room.
Add pieces of mirror in a pattern or a wide solid mirror in the central part of the ceiling. This will create an artistic look and make your living room’s lighting much more effective.

Wall Art

It is not necessary to place a large rectangular mirror on a wall. You can spice things up and create an artistic look to incorporate this reflective element. Mosaics and panels of mirrors would work great as decoration, light reflectors and enhance the aesthetics of the settings.
8 Home Decor Tricks & Tips To Brighten Your Living Room

Reflective Objects

Not exactly a mirror but you can get a similar effect with mirror glazes vases, solid decorative items, and other reflective objects. They add a touch of luxury and contribute to a brighter living room.

The Right Wood Work

Blond wood helps a lot in lighting up a setting. You can add furniture including coffee tables, shelves, couches, and other furniture items in any pale wood shade.
8 Home Decor Tricks & Tips To Brighten Your Living Room

Use the living room coffee table and couch in pinewood or oak wood which would go perfectly with pastel wall paint and monochrome cushions and quilts. Pair this setting with transparent decorative items and glassware for the most perfect living room setting ever.

Furniture is not the only way you can add wood to your living room; You can use multiple ways.
• Ash or cherry woodwork for windows and walls create a great contrast.
• Elegant patterns and ceiling artwork in light blond wood can complement the drapes and furniture. Combined with the daylight setting, the light wood ceiling speaks perfection.
• If your house has stairs (in the living room), keep them simple and light-toned with dark carpeting, the setting will look elegant and more spacious even with stairs in it.

The Power of Flora

Plants are great for placing indoors. They provide oxygen and keep the air fresh. Another great advantage of keeping plants in a living room is the ambiance. Sunlight hitting the fresh green plants in the morning can refresh your mood.
8 Home Decor Tricks & Tips To Brighten Your Living Room

As for creating a brighter setting, keeping small plants in the darker corner of the living especially by the side of the couch or under the shelves. They do not only lighten up space but also add a touch of life to every corner.

Let alone the green of plants is so refreshing and livening, but when colorful flowers step in, the aesthetics of the setting increases all in all. 
Use fragrant and gorgeous flowery plants to decorate your room with a touch of nature.
Thanks a lot for reading along.
If you are looking for unique decors, try using nautical signs.
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