5 Nigerian Billionaire Fraudsters That Have Been Arrested For Crimes

5 Popular Nigerian Billionaire Fraudsters That Are Now Poor
In this article, we'd be exploring some very popular Nigerian fraudsters that have been arrested for their crimes.
One thing no one prays for is falling back from the ladder of wealth, especially after clocking the highly coveted billionaire status. Just like the recently arrested Instagram billionaire, Ray Hushpuppi, there are tens of Nigerians who regularly update their social media followers with mouth-watering photos of their expensive lifestyles. You'd often see them chilling in the most expensive hotels in Dubai, driving the latest luxurious and sports cars and of course, chilling with the 'finest' babes.

While envying them and probably, trying to do anything possible to attain their status, you might also want to check out these posts of some 'former' billionaires that you're probably richer than today.

• Ray Hushpuppi

Permit me to open the curtain with the self-acclaimed Instagram billionaire, Ray Hushpuppi. While he might not have fallen, if convicted, he might be spending the next two decades behind the bars. Spending 20 years in prison isn't a big deal if you'd still have your millions (in dollars) after serving, but the revise might be the case here.
For Raymond Igbalodely that has toured the world in private jets, lodged in the world best hotels and lived in Dubai for many years, leaving the prison with nothing will be something he never bargained for.

• Invictus Obi

Invictus Obi
Invictus Obi is another young Nigerian that became a billionaire before the age of 30. He maintained a very noble status before being caught. He was a successful entrepreneur in the day and multi-million dollar scammer in the night.
Forbes had in 2016 extolled Obinwanne Okeke, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Invictus Group as one of its 30 Under 30 Africa’s Most Promising Entrepreneurs.
On June 2020, Okeke pleaded guilty to wire frauds that caused his victims $11 million. Hinting on the probable punishment for his offence, the United States department said he “faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison” while the judgement would be “on October 22”.

• Emmanuel Nwude

Emmanuel Nwude
Emmanuel Nwude is a former Director of Union Bank of Nigeria known for defrauding Nelson Sakaguchi, a Director at Brazil's Banco Noroeste based in São Paulo, of $242 million: $191 million in cash and the remainder in the form of outstanding interest, between 1995 and 1998. The crime was the third-largest in banking history.
We're not here to talk about the crime, but Nwude the alleged ringleader of the crew that carried out the crime. Nwude impersonated Paul Ogwuma, the then Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, and successfully convinced Sakaguchi to "invest" in a new airport in the nation's capital, Abuja, in exchange for a $10 million commission.
In February 2004, Emmanuel Nwude and the other accomplices, Amaka Anajemba, Emmanuel Ofolue, Nzeribe Okoli, and Obum Osakwe (Christian Anajemba was deceased at this point), were all arrested and charged in the Abuja High Court with 86 counts of "fraudulently seeking advance fees" and 15 counts of bribery related to the case. They pleaded not guilty. 

After Nwude's trial, all his assets were confiscated to be returned to the victim and a $10 million fine was imposed to be paid to the Nigerian federal government. He later filed a lawsuit to recover his seized assets after he was released from prison, on the grounds that some of the assets were acquired before the offence was committed. He has already reclaimed at least $52 million. As of May 8, 2015, the matter was still being heard by the Lagos Division of the Court of Appeal.

It seems like Karma really rolled her sleeves for Nwude, while we're still talking about the fraud case, he was also accused and arrested of crimes relating to murder, attempted murder, and terrorist attacks. He is currently being held at Awka Prison in Anambra State.

• Hope Olusegun Aroke

Hope Olusegun Aroke
Hope Olusegun Aroke who is popularly known as H-money is yet another Nigerian big boy who is currently chilling behind the bars for crimes running into millions of dollars. One shocking thing about him was that even while serving a 24-year jail sentence, he was allegedly able to mastermind an almost $1.5 million “mega scam”.
He used the fictitious name “Akinwwunmi Sorinmade” to open at least two bank accounts and purchase a luxury car – a 2018 Lexus RX 350 – and homes during his time in prison. He was also in possession of his wife’s bank account token in prison which he used to freely transfer funds.

• Otunba Cash

Otunba Cash
Emanuel Aneke, popularly known as Otunba Cash and his 8-man gang were arrested in Istanbul, Turkey on Friday, 25th October 2018 in connection with a $1.4 million email scam committed in Denmark.
Otunba Cash, who is the CEO of Istanbul Entertainment, an event and lifestyle management company based in Turkey might be serving the next few years in a prison outside the shores of Nigeria.

These are not all, there are still tens, if not hundreds of Nigerians being tried for cases related to crimes outside the shores of the country.
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