Easiest Guide On How To Extract All Emails From Hotmail

How To Extract All Emails From Hotmail
In this article, we will be exploring a step-by-step guide on how Export emails from Hotmail. 
But, first, let’s learn a little about Hotmail. Hotmail (currently known as Outlook.com) has consistently stayed at the edge of webmail services. It has encountered different high and low points since its commencement despite everything keeping up a client base numbered in millions.  Hotmail clients are likewise vulnerable to hacking activities.

There have been a few such accidents where clients have lost their whole Hotmail information in a moment. So, keeping a duplicate of Hotmail information in the local machine has now become a need. In spite of the fact, that the prime motivation to backup Hotmail email into the hard drive is digital wrongdoing. In certain situations, the users need to relocate data from Outlook.com to other mail clients, for example, Thunderbird, Outlook, eM client, and so on.

How to Extract All Emails from Hotmail Manually?

There is no immediate alternative stated by Microsoft to separate Hotmail messages on the PC. Let's look at the step-by-step strategy can help clients in saving their webmail messages on the storage devices. follow the steps to achieve the same.
• Login to your Hotmail account by typing in the valid account credentials.
• Hit the email for which you wish to backup.
• In the header message section, find an arrow facing downwards beside Reply option.
• Now, choose the option to View message source Or right-click on the Context Menu that appears, choose View message source option. 

After the View source code pop-ups, then follow the below- mentioned steps: 

• For Windows: Press (Ctrl+A) key to select the whole text and then press (Ctrl+C) to copy the marked text.
• For Mac: Hit the (Command +A) key, followed by (Command+C) key to choose and copy the source code on the Apple platform. 

Confirm whether the portal allows you to save Hotmail emails straight to EML file format:

• In the File menu, click Save As in the email source code tab. 
• Rename the file accordingly, followed by a .eml extension(eg- email1.eml).
• Usually, browsers by default accept .html or .htm extensions for saving files. So, make sure the file extension should be .EML type.
• Press Continue and store the message anywhere in your hard disk.

If a portal doesn't allow saving files in EML file format: 

• After copying the source code message, open a plain text editor application like Notepad.
• Generate a new document.
• Press (Ctrl+V) key in Windows and (Command+V) if working on Apple system.
• Using the following commands will replicate the content and save it in .eml file format in your external storage disk.
The above method will help export emails from Hotmail endlessly.

Points to Remember while using the Above Procedure:

• If there is no such professional utility in the market, the above mechanism is the best-suited approach to extract Hotmail emails. 
• It is suitable if the user wants to save only one message at a time.
• The process works in a cycle format if there are multiple mail messages for extraction.

The manual procedure clearly states its undeveloped properties. In that case, one can totally rely on the modern utility Hotmail Backup Tool. The utility signifies an application made with 100% intellectual to solve the difficulties of the user in an easier way. Let’s take a look at the incredible attributes of the same.

Traits of the Utility:

• Reinforce Hotmail Emails on the PC. 
• Login details of the Hotmail Account is Necessary. 
• Allows customizing Email Folder Selection on Mac and Windows OS. 
• Date Range Filter and Preview choice for smooth Hotmail information gathering.
• Renames the messages subsequent to downloading. 
• Intended to Import Hotmail Back straightforwardly to Yahoo and Thunderbird.

Working of the Software:

• Download and Install the Hotmail Backup utility on your system.
• Log in using the User id and password.
• Choose a File Format in which you wish to save the backup files. 
• Navigate the folder from the Hotmail account you wish to convert.
• Also, the user can exclude the unworthy mails using a date-range filter and can use the naming convention for renaming the resultant files.
• Check the progress of the backup by looking at the green bar.
• After backup process completion, then hit Ok on the confirmation message and exit.


We have discussed the major scenarios that can be helpful for the query- How to export emails from Hotmail? The portable technique is clearly defaulted/unworthy as stated by the limitation of the procedure. In that case, the commercial solution is the best-suited way one can adapt to save their Hotmail email messages. I hope you find the above suggestion beneficial.

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