Charly Boy Biography, Age, Family, Early Life, Songs, Albums, Net Worth And More

Charly Boy Biography
Veteran Nigerian singer, Charles Oputa is no doubt one of the most controversial persons in the country.
He is everywhere from politics to religion and even up to fashion, queer and so on.
We'd be seeing Charly Boy's biography, date of birth, age, family, parents, wife, children, grandchildren, songs, albums, net worth, houses, cars, social media handles and everything else you'd love to know about him.
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Charly Boy Profile

Before we continue, here are a few things you'd love to know about Nigerian singer, Charles Oputa:
Full Name: Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa
Stage Name: Charly Boy (also spelt Charlie Boy)
Other Names: CB, Area Fada, His Royal Punkness
Date of birth: 19th June 1951
Age: 69 years
Nationality: Nigeria
State of origin: Imo State
Parents: Justice and Mrs. Chukwudifu Oputa
Spouse: Diane 'Lady Di' Oputa
ChildrenDominique Oputa, Charles Alexander Oputa Jr., Adaeze Oputa, Anwuli Oputa, Yvonne Oputa
Occupation: Singer-songwriter, producer, journalist, Idol series judge
Genres: Afrobeat, Pop, highlife
Years active: 1982-present
Associated acts: Diane 'Lady Di' Oputa, Dr. Alban, Duchess Maria, Onyeka Onwenu, Alex O, Floxy Bee, and Femi Kuti
Net worth: $1 million

Charly Boy Biography, Date Of Birth, Early Life, Family, Education, Career

Born on the 19th of June, 1951, Charles Oputa is a top Nigerian veteran singer, producer, journalist and TV personality.
He was born into the family of the late Supreme Court Justice Chukwudifu Oputa and is the second son. 
Charly Boy was born into a Catholic house and is a cousin to Swedish musician, Dr. Alban. According to him, he was set out to be a priest but left the seminary school a year after.
He moved to the United States where he attended college, and then graduated from university with a degree in Communications.

Charly Boy released a highlife album in 1982 and attained greater success with the 1985 Polygram Nigeria release of Nwata Miss.
His most popular album was '1990', and the title was a reference to Nigeria's corrupt military government which was expected to hand over power to civilians in that year, although civilian rule didn't start until 1999).
The song sparked a lot of controversies due to its controversial nature, and various radio stations refused playing it but still turned out that it became one of the most sold albums of the year.
In recent years, Charles has worked on a good number of collaborations with his cousin, Dr. Alban. Some of the most popular songs being 'Carolina' and 'Guess Who's Coming To Dinner'.
The two also recorded songs like 'Commercial Waste' and 'Work Work Africa'.

Charly Boy's preference for make-up, relaxed and braided hairstyles, women's clothes and other feminine stuff have always stirred controversies among Nigerians.
Some claim he is gay, but is Charly Boy really gay?
He has a wife and children from his present wife and even past relationships. He has also gotten grandchildren, and I'm sure you'd have seen the cute photo of his twins.
Towards the late eighties, Charly Boy, with the help of stylist and fellow singer/songwriter Tyna Onwudiwe created a new persona for himself which consisted of attire from the punk era including leather jackets and boots, images of himself on powerbikes, a mohawk which he would subsequently dye an array of colours, and a new direction in music, combining African pop and Afrobeat.
He soon earned the unofficial title His Royal Punkness, and then had to rename his Lagos residence to The Punk Palace
In the late nineties, Charly Boy began to wear his hair in dreadlocks and adopted a goth image, acquiring piercings and tattoos which were frowned on by society who viewed his modification as Satanic and occultist. He shaved off the dreadlocks in 2014.

Charly Boy's most popular television series was 'The Charly Boy Show'. He also hosted 'The Charly Boy Kiddies Show' and 'Zoom Time'.
He replaced Audu Maikori as a judge on 'Nigerian Idol' in 2011. Charly Boy is the founder of New Waves Productions and publisher of The Charly Boy Magazine which he launched in 2010.
He has also denied any associations with the Illuminati in an interview and threatened to sue two publications for publishing he was a member, as well as calling him gay.

Charly Boy is currently married to African-American singer and former fashion designer, Diane Oputa and they have children together.
He had also been previously married and so has children from his previous relationship.

Charly Boy Net Worth

Charly Boy is one of the biggest veteran artists in Nigeria. He also runs a good number of businesses. He is estimated to be net worth $1 million.

Social Media Handles

You can get Charly Boy on:
Twitter @AreaFada1
Instagram @AreaFada1

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