5 Ways You Can Make Money From The BBNaija Reality Show

5 Ways You Can Make Money From The BBNaija Reality Show
In this article, we'd be exploring some very easy, yet amazing ways you can start making money from the BBNaija Reality TV Show without even being in the house.
Big Brother Naija is one of the biggest shows in Nigeria and other parts of the world. In fact, it is one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. You might have been following the whole gist, or probably among the 'I'm not interested crew'.
I'm not here to tell you about the morality of the show, I'm rather here to enlighten you on how you can start earning from the show even without participating.
At the end of this article, you'd know better on why many Nigerians look forward to this period of the year with great enthusiasm.

• Selling things

You can actually ride on the current trend to sell your products without having to spend on adverts. A click on the hashtag, #BBNaija will feed your eyes with so many different wares, ranging from shoes to clothes and even wigs.
Do you think those people will keep on posting if they're not selling? Think about it. In fact, I've gotten more than 100 retweets on a post before simply because I used the #BBNaija hashtag.

• Creating a blog

If you've got the time to write and you're really enjoying the show, you can start making good money from blogging about the Big Brother Naija. You can literally blog on anything, from the gusts to the biographies of the housemates and what have you.
If you check the Google Trends, you'd be shocked at how interested Nigerians are on the reality show. They want to know various facts about the housemates, how their lives were before entering the house and their plans after leaving the house. One good fact about this is that you don't get to dump the blog after the show, you can still keep up posting about the after-house lives of the housemates until the next show.
Many of the BB Naija participants get so popular that just blogging about them alone can give you recurring traffic for many months, even after the show. You don't need much to start a blog, just a hosting account and your domain. You can buy your hosting and domain from Namecheap at a very affordable rate. Alternatively, you can contact us to create the blog for you and guide you on how to start making money from it.

• Parties

If you've got enough resources, you can partner with a hotel or club to host the BB Naija participants. I remember very well, after the second BB Naija show, I was invited by a friend to a night party in Owerri, and many of the housemates were present there. Many IMSU students were there, and we spent some good $$$ on drinks.
Events like are common in states like Lagos, Rivers, Imo and Akwa Ibom, but that doesn't mean you can't start it in your state. It can come in different forms like fan meetups, viewing parties or even housemate VIP nights.

• Talent manager

Do you have connections in the Nollywood industry, music, fashion, advertising or the media, you can ride on the current trends to make your self (and the housemate) some good amounts of money. As the housemates get evicted little by little, many of them will be looking for any possible means of grabbing endorsement deals or other paying gigs.
Getting deals isn't so easy for artists, but with the help of management agencies who act as 3rd parties, they can easily be connected with the brands while the agencies earn a percentage of the revenues generated.

• Betting on the games

Just like sports betting, you can stake on who'd emerge winner or who'd be evicted soonest and then earn if you get the predictions correct. While no one can be 100% sure of a bet, you can still use the events in the house to figure out the person that will be leaving the house soon.
Good a thing, betting companies are showing interests in the games. Last year, it was Bet9ja, and this year another top betting company, Betway emerged as a top sponsor of the event.


These are not all the ways you can make money from the top Nigerian reality TV show. You can also use it to grow celebrity fan pages, and then rename (and probably sell the pages) after the show. If you've got some tips on how to get into the house, you can also sell the information. Many Nigerian youths are desperate and can pay anything to appear on the screen.
NOTE: Avoid sharing videos/photos from the show on your blog or social media handles, as the organisers can file a copyright report against you. Also, don't utilise the opportunity as a way of scamming, you might eventually get caught.

What do you think about Lucy? Don't forget to drop a comment and share to your friends. Before you leave, also check out the biography of Dorathy Bachor, the 8th Housemate in the #BBNaija House.
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