Why Are Chinese Websites Getting More Popular Than The United States Owned Ones?

China vs US
I complied this article after monitoring the Alexa Ranking of some of the first 15 most popular sites for the period of 6 months, and I'll be penning down some of my observations. I had issues getting a good title for this piece, but I hope you get the message. Sometime last month, I checked the Alexa Ranking of the world's biggest websites and it proved Amazon.com was getting much more traffic than Facebook.com.

Fast-forward to yesterday, I checked the states again and Amazon.com has fallen to the 12th most visited websites (as against 3rd last week). Facebook was the fourth most visited site last week, yesterday it was in the 5th position and today it has fallen to the 5th position.

Now check out the list of the sites in the list:

1) Google.com (US)
2) Youtube.com (US)
3) Tmall.com (China)
4) Baidu.com (China)
5) Qq.com (China)
6) Facebook.com (US)
7) Sohu.com (China)
8) Login.tmall.com (China)
9) Taobao.com (China)
10) Yahoo.com (US)
11) 360.cn (Chinese)
12) Amazon.com (US)
13) Jd.com (Chinese)
14) Wikipedia.org (US)
15) Sina.com.cn (Chinese)

I'm inquisitive on how a website that is limited to only Chinese nationals can be getting more hits than websites like Facebook.com and Wikipedia.org that are open to the not only the English speaking countries but also offer services in all other languages.

What do you think? Webmasters in the house, over to you. Also, check out our next post on top 10 free traffic sources for your blog/website.
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