Benefit Boys | All You Need To Know About The Recent Trends

Benefit Boys
In this article, we'd be listing down all we know about the recent #BenefitBoy trends, and why it has become so popular of recent.
Before we proceed, I want you to understand that the below paragraphs are just speculations and may/may not represent the Benefit Boy term. We got the information from online sources like blogs and social media handles.

Who is a Benefit Boy?

You might have asked this question a couple of times, and probably, searched for it on Google or other search engines.
Do you remember the popular Instagram star, Ramoni Igbalode, aka Ray Hushpuppi who stole millions of dollars that ought to be used for the purchase of ventilators meant for Covid-19 patients? Hushpuppi who is now being referred to as Nigeria's most wanted hacker was once the role model of many Nigerian youths.
A greater percentage of his more than 2 million followers must have been waiting for the latest signal on how he managed to rise from a regular Lagos guy to a billionaire. He lodged in the world's best hotels, dressed on expensive designers, rode on private jets and luxurious vehicles and even sprayed money at will.

I'm not really here to talk about Hushpuppi, but I want you to understand the connection between his crime and the trending Benefit scam.

According to a source, Benefits refer to the money being paid to the unemployed people in the United States while some reports also claim that it refers to the relief fund for the citizens for COVID-19.

Benefit boys, on the other hand, refer to young boys (especially secondary school students) who allegedly siphon the funds from the United States through illegal means. The funds, which are usually gotten easily come in 'big quantities', hence the immediate affluence.

Why the recent Benefit Boy trend?

For the past few days, I've been seeing a lot of stories and jokes on twitter and other social networking platforms showing the height of influence these secondary school students have gained over their teachers.
Peruse over some of them below:
Benefit Boy | All You Need To Know About The Recent Trends
Benefit Boy
Benefit Boys
Benefit Boys

These are some of them, you can use the #BenefitBoys to view more of the tweets.
Are these secondary school students really fraudsters?
In a recent video which appeared on their Instagram handle, @blackandwhitecomedy60, the three 'Benefit Boys' denied being 'BenefitBoys', while identifying themselves as comedians.
What the video below

What do you think?

You can also consider checking out the black and white comedy 60, there are a lot of funny videos and photos that will help you understand these teenagers better.

Perhaps the secondary school students aren't the real benefit boys? Who knows?
Benefit Boy | All You Need To Know About The Recent Trends
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