Libra Coin – A New Digital Currency Developed by FACEBOOK

Libra Coin – A New Digital Currency Developed by FACEBOOK
Are you into cryptocurrency, then you get to know more about the unpredictable values of cryptocoins.
Now, it's time to know about Libra, a new global coin.

Everyone across social media have spent lots of time on chats, shares and discussing more about the unpredictable values of crypto coins.

The world is revolving around technology in recent centuries. our daily routine has changed in many ways the world has become so small as people have multiple platforms to interact with others via sending texts, pictures, documents and it’s mobile friendly etc. 

To make money transfer painless like sending messages and images, renowned social media biggie Facebook came up with a proposal of making money universally safe and constant by shaping a platform where people all around the world will have access to equal financial opportunities laid a path for the invention of Libra.

Libra has been a new invention by Facebook in very past years and are planning for its arrival with a new name Novi.

• Libra Blockchain

The main goal of the Libra Blockchain is to serve all the financial services along with the new global payments system that meets all the financial intermediaries and reaches to billions of people across the world. For the process of evaluation, there are multiple options but, the association decides only to build on new blockchain by following basic requirements:
- Should be able to reach billions of people hence, it requires a high storage system, high transaction speed.
- Should be able to provide a highly secured security system in order to safeguard all financial assets and funds.
- Should be flexible, it must adopt all innovative techniques in future. 
The Libra Blockchain is well designed and built on a strong foundation after doing so much research from existing projects and well understood innovative approaches. 
The three highlights of Libra Blockchain:
- Well Designed and Move programmable language.
- Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus approach.
- Adopting blockchain data and it’s infrastructure.

• Move Programming Language

Move, a new programmable language which is implemented for transactional logics and smart contracts on Libra Blockchain. Move is well designed with a high prioritized security system which makes it easier to understand all the writer codes.

• The Libra Association:

The libra association is an independent body that works for the development of libra, a global coin. It’s headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland. The main objective of this association is to develop the libra network globally in order to reach people at large.

The Association is self-reliant in nature which doesn’t work for profits but only runs with a motive to improve the standard of living of billions of people across the world by guiding them how the transactions occur and its financial infrastructure.

The Libra network will be assisted by validator nodes which are built on the libra association. They also act as international corporations, social impact partners, and academic institutions. The main role of this association is to bring all the validators nodes in order to safeguard and encourage all kinds of financial inclusion.
To get detailed information about Libra, please go through the following infographic developed by our team at winbtc.net
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Libra Coin – A New Digital Currency Developed by FACEBOOK

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