Pamela Adie Set To Release Nollywood First’ Lesbian Film

Pamela Adie biography
In this post, we'd be exploring some facts about popular Nigerian movie producer, Pamela Adie who is set to release Nollywood's first lesbian movie.
Nigeria is one of the many parts of the world were gays get higher prison sentences than those convicted of cybercrime. In 2014, Nigeria signed the legislation outlawing homosexuality and imposing prison terms of up to 14 years for people prosecuted under the new act.
After the new regulation, many Nigerian gay couples started travelling to different parts of the world where their sexual orientation were being accommodated like Canada, South Africa and the United States.

Who Pamela Adie?

Awhobiwom Pamela Adie is a Nigerian and Cross River State-born lesbian LGBT rights campaigner. In 2011, she openly declared her sexual orientation to the shock of her family and friends and has since then, been a very active LGBT activist.
While Pamela Adie's official biography isn't available yet, we have been able to compile some facts about her that will make you understand who she is and why she has been on the news.
• Pamela Adie was born in Obudu Local Government Area of Cross River State in a Christain home. Her sexual orientation was hidden from her parents who were staunch Catholics for many years, she refused discussing it with either her family or former husband (who was her fiancé then).
• When Adie was 17 years old, she left for the United States where she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration, with a Minor in Personal and Professional Communication.
She says she had her first same-sex relationship even before she travelled abroad and having been in a same-sex relationship for years, thought getting married would save her from being lesbian. She finally left the marriage after struggling to fit in for almost two years.
• In an interview with YNaija, she revealed her parents' reactions when they found out that she was a lesbian. According to her, her Mum who was more vocal than her Dad was of the opinion that she was possessed and there was something wrong with her. The issue created tension in their house.
Pamela Adie Set To Release Nollywood First’ Lesbian Film
About having issues with her parents, she revealed that her relationship with her Dad is still the same, while her Mum, who is still struggling with her sexual orientation is yet to come to a place of acceptance as of this point.
• Adie has over the years, grown into becoming one of Nigeria's most prominent LGBT+ activists, who has been a World Economic Forum speaker. She has also won recognition from the Obama Foundation as a young African leader.
She has dedicated her life to telling the stories of Nigerian LBQ women as a form of advocacy for social inclusion.
• She currently serves as the Executive Director at The Equality Hub, a nonprofit dedicated to amplifying the voices of lesbian, bisexual and queer women in Nigeria through visual storytelling. 

About ìfé The Movie

Ife, which means “love” in the Yoruba language, tells the story of two young women who fall in love and face homophobia in their home country. Adie who is the producer of the movie believes that 'Ife' will help fight homophobia by showing how the love of 'Ife' and Adaora struggles under pressure from their families and society in general. 
Last month, Pamela Adie sparked excitement in the Nigerian queer community after uploading the movie's trailer on YouTube.
In an interview with Reuters, she revealed that the decision to release the project online was to afford those interested in it a platform where they can access it and to also dodge film censors, who would be highly unlikely to allow the film to be distributed in Nigeria.

The main casts in 'Ife' are Uzoamaka Aniunoh (actor/writer) and Cindy Amadi(actor/lawyer).
It was produced by Pamela Adie and directed by Uyaiedu Ikpe-Etim.

Other members of the team:

• Asurf Oluseyi - Director of Photography/Cinematographer/Editor
• Modupe Fakorede -Production Manager
• Amaka Chidioka - Assistant Director
• Chris Udomi - Art Director
• Pius Fatoke - Sound Recordist

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