5 Effective Ways to Safeguard Your Business From Data Breaches

5 Effective Ways to Safeguard Your Business From Data Breaches
Do you know that 1.8 Billion dollars’ worth of data was stolen in 2019? The dollar number increases every year as cybercriminals find more sophisticated hacking tactics, exacerbating the problem.
Whether its sensitive information about a company’s business processes and patents or customer records, cyberattacks hack with impunity, and so safeguarding against data breaches has become imperative. 
However, protection isn’t possible unless companies create a coherent plan against data breaches. Let us learn a few ways to protect our business from the data breaches:

How to Protect Your Business From A Data Breach?

1. Staff training is essential

Cybercriminals are becoming smarter than ever. They leave no stone unturned to target employees’ mailboxes. Studies show that 91% of data breaches are a result of employee error. This highlights the importance of employee education concerning data safety. 

 - Training sessions and examples 

Be sure that every employee is well-aware of the protective techniques. Never let a new employee handle your sensitive information. Arrange training sessions for new as well as old employees. Besides this, keep introducing new software for data protection. Let your employees know the businesses that got affected by this cyber-attack. Share examples of Google+, Quora, Facebook, and many other big companies.  Also, tell them the ways through which these businesses recovered. 

 - Setting rules 

Even if a single employee clicks on a malicious link implanted with viruses, the impact will be massive. Therefore, set some guidelines for sending emails within the company. Designing a customized template is a good idea. Besides this, emphasize on confirmation when employees are doubtful. From top-level management to the new hires, everyone should have sound knowledge of the phishing emails, password protection, and malicious attachments. 

2. Back-up is mandatory 

No matter how trained your employees are, a good backup of the company’s data needs is a must. Human error can occur at any time. Thus, back up of data can protect the business from severe losses. Additionally, a contingency plan should be designed to deal with unusual circumstances. Wherever you are backing up the data, it should be continuously updated and checked. You can use the following methods to back up your information: 
• Cloud Storage 
• Hard copy 
• USB 
• Hard drive 

The methods are not limited to the above-mentioned options. You can use the one that suits best for your business needs. However, experts recommend keeping three copies of the data. Two should be on the storage medium, and the third one should be on an external medium. 

3. Password protection plays a key role 

Just like other mandatory steps for safeguarding data, password protection also plays a critical role. Easy to guess passwords give an easy route to the hackers. Thus, passwords should be strong and hard to hack. A good combination of letters, numbers, and symbols make up an ideal password. Password protection should be emphasized during employee training so that every employee is aware of the importance of their passwords.
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 - Use password manager 

Many companies use different password managers to save their passwords. Some good password managing tools include Dash Lane, Keeper, Last Pass, Bitwarden, and so on. 

 - Change passwords frequently 

Changing passwords is a common practice in many good companies. Employees are required to change their passwords every three to four months. In this way, cybercriminals get a tough time in doing data breaches.

4. Cybersecurity tools are essential 

With time, the latest tactics in cyberattacks are evolving. Thus, we need to make sure that we have a compatible cybersecurity tool to defeat them. Running a business without installing essential security tools is highly risky. Thus, investing in the right tools is imperative. 

  - Antivirus software 

One common way for hackers to hack data is through malware. Therefore, we should be vigilant about the security level of our system. It should be made sure that malware can never enter into our system, and installing a good antivirus is the best solution. Some best antivirus software for 2020 are Avira antivirus, Bitdefender, F-Secure, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, and many others. 

 - Keeping software updated 

At times, we ignore the importance of updating our antivirus software. This is the biggest mistake. Hackers are always looking for ways to target a vulnerable spot in the software. If the software is not updated regularly, your system is at risk. Do not provide an easy route to hackers. Make sure your data is protected 24/7.  

 - Check up on your hardware 

Another method through which hackers may hack your data is through hardware interception. Although it is a more time consuming and costly method, persistent cybercriminals may intercept your coaxial cables or routers to hack data packets. Therefore, regularly check up on your hardware and make sure everything is in order. 

5. Create security policies 

Even if you have the best antivirus software, well-trained employees, and password managing tools, creating good policies for data security is imperative. This will bring all employees on the same page, and chances of data theft will reduce drastically. 


There should be a policy in which only selected employees can handle sensitive data. This will make these employees responsible in case of data theft. Apart from it, in a company where employees are bringing their devices, it should be ensured that antivirus is installed in every device. 


In short, data safety is vital for business success. Any compromise can lead to huge losses that can turn down the whole business in seconds. From employee training and password managers to antivirus software and security policies, even the minute steps should be taken with care. 
Besides this, companies are also hiring cybersecurity specialists to protect their data. Especially in the last few months, remote working was practised globally due to the pandemic, which created the need for more security as cybercriminals were doubly active. There was a big increase in cyberattacks, and even small businesses were concerned about data theft, fraud, and security breaches. 
Incorporating the above-mentioned tips in your business security policies can secure your data from the malicious acts of cybercriminals. It is best if you use the steps mentioned above in combination so to optimize their efficacy.

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Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for Shireen.
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