5 Shocking Reasons You Should Fear Hackers

5 Shocking Reasons You Should Fear Hackers
Almost every internet user is born with a phobia of being hacked.
We have a lot of things to protect - our credit cards, our websites, our social media accounts and so on. Despite these hacker phobia and precautions we take, every month thousands of successful hack operations are still carried out.
I once shared a story of how my Facebook account was nearly hacked through the phishing technique, but I caught the guy because of my knowledge of the internet (you can read it up).
Most of these things make people paranoid about being hacked. These blackhat hackers are good examples of bad hackers, because they do not do us any good. They gather in Las Vegas for the blackhat and Def Con where people are warned of the dangers of being hack victims. These hackers like many other people pride themselves in people's pains and we shouldn't give them the chances. Not all hackers are bad actually, and not all are good. The good ones serve the public and government, they protect us and see that the bad ones are limited.
Let us see the three major categories of hackers:

Three Major Types Of Hackers

There are three major types of hackers, and depending on their aims, we can categorize them.

- Blackhat hackers

These ones are the ones you should be scared of. They exploit your computer vulnerabilities and use it to take advantages of people. They break into the computer networks to steal data, information, money and so on and at times modify.

- Greyhat hackers

These refer to computer computer security experts or hackers who may at times go against the laws but do not actually intend to maliciously harm you.

- Whitehat hackers

They are the direct opposite of the blackhat hackers, and they use their skills and abilities for good purposes. They are also called ethical hackers.

Why Do Hackers Hack?

There are so many reasons why hackers hack, and a few of them include:

- For personal gains

Sometimes credit cards are hacked, and they steal  your money, that is for gains. They can also hack your social media accounts, then sell them off to scammers eg Nigerian Yahoo-Yahoo boys who use them to scam foreigners.

- To get your information

Earlier 2018, Facebook Inc suffered great losses and damages because of people's information which were massively leaked on their platform. These information are then sold to data miners and other people who need them and things you didn't want people to know about you will be posted online never to be removed.

- To get contents for their websites

Maybe you never knew, but people can go to any extent just to get contents and post on their websites and so they hack people's cloud storages and devices in search of nudes and other explicit contents. Majority of the celebrities who have their nudes on popular adult websites didn't give their approvals, neither did they release it online, but their iPhones were hacked and the photos were released.

- To harm you

Maybe you didn't know, but some people just hack to harm others. A friend downloaded a software to his laptop and immediately, he was hacked. He couldn't access it again until he flashed it. The hackers didn't gain anything.

- For fun

Some viruses you see online were created for fun, and so some hacks. You just learnt a bit of hacking and you need to try it out, then someone becomes your victim.

What Do Hackers Hack?

Some of the items hackers attack include:
- Personal emails
- Cloud storage
- Password managers
- Social media pages
- Credit cards
- Websites

Reasons Why You Should Fear Hackers

Some of the reasons why everyone should fear hackers include but not limited to these:

- They can steal all you have

Some hackers can steal all you have, your passwords, money, information and what have you. They can even steal your freedom and peace, by using the hacked items for criminal purposes thereby implicating you. I remember an incident whereby a hacked Facebook account was being used with the real identities to share pornography all over the social network. The victim was helplessly announcing with a new account that his old account had been hacked and he wasn't the person posting the contents, the new account didn't have much friends and no matter how he tagged people, he couldn't reach the right audience.
The account was later taken down but the damages had been done. We all have to be very careful.

- They will strike you if you are lazy

Password managers have been invented and you see people putting their whole passwords on a single third party app. The best to do is to use an offline pw manager, it will do a greater protection job.
As for others who use one password for all their websites, it is very wrong. Choose a different password for everything you create online, especially for those weak sites. It will help you a lot.

- They know you but you don't know them

The easiest way to fight an enemy is to know they exist, now you know hackers exist, but where are they really? You aren't sure because it is not written on the face and no site ever has been made for hackers alone, except you are to go into the limited dark web.
Protect yourself from the unknown and you'd be much safer.

- They follow you everywhere you go

How many times have you connected to that wi-fi at the mall? As for me, I never! If I do not know the owner of the wifi, nothing should give me the courage to connect. An hour of internet is not worth my internet business. Try to set two factor authentication to all your eligible services if you the public wifi to protect yourself a bit more.

- They are stronger than you

You just have a mobile phone or laptop, but the have the best firewall crackers. Hardly will any blog actually teach you real hacking, if they could hack they wouldn't give up the knowledge for free. Moreover the internet world is so broad, so is the hacking world and no one can know it all.

Let us be more careful with using the web. Share this to help a friend today!
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