10 Meaningful Styles to Celebrate Mother’s Day, EVEN IF APART

10 Meaningful Styles to Celebrate Mother's Day, EVEN IF APART

Time spent with your mama is priceless, and you should always treasure it. Where mom is, is where your home is at, period. Moms have a way of making you feel comfortable, forget your troubles, and seize the moment. Right? That's why everyone looks forward to Mother's Day with a ton of fun ideas to do with your superwoman. But it can be unfortunate if you are nowhere near her to spend some delightful time. Find out things that can still bring you closer despite the distance, such as sending her custom-made jewellery with an infinity pendant.

We have rescued you from the trouble and rounded up for you ten thoughtful ways of spending Mother's Day with your mom. Not even the distance can come between you two. Be unstoppable as you indulge in these fun activities.

• Digital picture frame

Thanks to tech, you can send new pictures to your mom whenever you want, to her new digital frame. It is always a pride to mams when they look at the images of their darlings. From everyone's location, send your current pictures to mama's acquired device. She will then peruse your physical status to see if everyone is okay. Mind you; if you've been dieting, you might get a call from a very concerned parent. That's a mama's love.

• Dial for delivery

Remember your usual place where you both like to have your favourite cuisine on Mother's Day? You don't have to break the ritual of dining there. If you are the one away from home, you can still call and order her usual. Then have it delivered to her. Regardless of your place's time zone, contact your mom, and have the conversation you usually have while eating and catching up. It's not about food, but the bonding you have with her that's crucial.

• Talk on line

From Google meet to zoom, you don't have an excuse for not video calling your loved ones. But it's understandable if you are living in the jungle. Plan with your other family members who might be away as well, and make Mother's Day epic. Make it a surprise meeting, because she will be expecting to speak to only you. But surprise! here the whole family is together. Then you make it fun by creating a theme like" funny happy Mothers Day," where you will share sweet and hilarious memories in turns. I can imagine how you guys will have such a blast. You won't even remember you are apart.

• Schedule for a movie

There are many things you do during Mother's Day, and some of the fun stuff may include watching a particular movie together, a series you've been following, or listening to an inspirational speaker. Not even the distance should take away the joy shared with mama. In the era of Facetime, Netflix, and Zoom, you are unstoppable.

• Create a Zen moment with your mom

Meditation helps you to relax and unwind. And when done together, it can be inspiring and encouraging. Schedule it as usual with your mama, despite the corner of the world you are (if there's network coverage). Otherwise, you can light a candle from your ends, get in the bathtub, and relax. Life has to go on, as long as you are alive. Right?

• Share wine.

If you guys prefer to bond over a pint, nothing should stop you now that you are away. Nope. Organize a bottle of her favourite wine and have one too, and raise your glasses to embark on a journey of the heart to heart conversation. A hug may not come along, which is probably the one thing you will miss. But it has never felt so real as you laugh and share a beautiful moment with mama dearest.

• Get a spa day together.

The home spa doesn't have to be so complicated. It's more about doing simple facial procedures like cleansing, exfoliating using a face scrub, and applying a face mask. Washing your hair and putting on some hair treatment. And lastly, using the same colour polish for your nails with your mom. Maybe you or your mama are horrible when painting nails and will probably make a mess. But that's what will create sweet memories. These are some funny happy Mother's Day moments.

Would it be nice to be with her as you do all this? Totally. But since she's not, you might as well have some fun. Life is short; spend the best of it, even if it's online. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

• Bake a cake

What is Mother's Day without a cake? Especially one baked by both of you? Get your Zoom on, share the recipes, and get into the baking spree. Hop in and have super fun while at it. Luckily, it's hard to tell whose cake is tastier. But one thing for sure, you are both going to cut the cake and eat together. 

• Send your mommy something to remember you.

One of the best gifts is custom made jewellery that opens up to take tiny images of both you and mama. She has never felt you so close to her heart like now. Send her this for Mother's Day, and she will be overwhelmed with joy. Anytime she misses you, she only needs to open this gorgeous piece of jewel.

• Send her flowers/plants.

There's no way you can skip flowers or plants just because you are away. If there are particular blooms she delights in, then make her day by communicating to your local florists and have them delivered to her door. But if she would rather have a plant to tend, that can be a great idea. And maybe by the time you are going home, you can look forward to finding a giant and mature plant. After all, today you can get anything online. 

In conclusion, what kills the joy of loved ones, including your mama's, is not the distance but the venom silence. Always keep an open communication, even if you are miles away, don't disappear in thin air. Any fun idea you can think to do with your mom is still possible. Create a funny happy Mother's Day, special with your other siblings, as you reminisce. And now you have ten fab ways to enjoy the epic day with your sweet mama, even if you are apart.

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