5 Things You’ll Love About Khalifa Vanithel, Big Brother Cameroon 2020 Winner

Khalifa Vanithel

Just like the Nigerian counterparts, Cameroon recently concluded their Big Brother reality show and the news is already everywhere. According to the official website, the reality show was initiated as a way of nurturing and showcasing talents, intersecting with the public through votes, leaving together, making the winner a millionaire and of course, entertaining the viewers. The show also helps promote peace and stability, taking into consideration that the contestants are selected from the 10 Regions of Cameroon.

The initiative was begun by a group of Cameroonians from the Northwest Region who pride themselves as “We Love Ndop”. A pilot project name “bigg broda Ndop” ran for about four months, and Mboufoung Carine emerged winner of the edition.

Khalifa Vanithel Profile

While the official biography of Khalifa Vanithel isn't available, we've been able to get some facts that will make you love her even more.
• Khalifa Vanithel's real name is Fonyeh Vanissa Thelma and she hails from the Northwest regions. She was born in 1998 and is currently studying Law.

• She is a twin
Khalifa Vanithel

If you love Vanissa, you'd definitely want to meet Tiana.
• Guess what? She's also the mother to this sweet boy.
Khalifa Vanithel

• Thelma is also a make-up artist/ hairstylist, actress, dancer, video vixen and model.
• She emerged winner in the Big Brother Cameroon Reality Show, BIGGY237 2020. She went home with 10,000,000 FCFA ($17,921) worth of cash and gifts.

What more? You can connect with Khalifa Vanithel on Instagram @vanithels. Before you leave, also check out our previous post on 25 small business ideas for African infopreneurs.
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