4 Reasons Why You SHOULD Stop Using Your Phone In The Toilet

3 Reasons Why You SHOULD Stop Using Your Phone In The Toilet

In this article, we'd be exploring four reasons why you should stop taking your smartphones to the restroom. I won't say that the internet has changed the way we do things because even as a kid, I used to take newspapers to the restrooms until my Mum enlightened me on the disadvantages of spending much time seating on the toilet bowl. Yes, it is more than just seating down, you can be doing yourself more harm than good.
While we'd be focussing on smartphones in this article, the content also applies to books like magazines, newspapers, novels, textbooks or other things that you can use in passing time while doing your business.

Effects of using your phone in the toilet

The smartphones, coupled with the internet has made our lives far easier than some years back. You can now chat, send emails, do real-time video calls, send/receive money and even perform business transactions online.
All these notwithstanding also came with their own disadvantages. Join me as I list out some effects of using your mobile phone in the restroom:

• You attract germs

Why washing your hands when you're done with the business when you've been with your phone all throughout the period? There is a greater possibility of attracting germs when you use your phones in the restroom.

Just like the doorknobs, your phone is being exposed to micro pathogens from the environment and you pose a risk of getting infected when you use them after taking them inside the toilets.

• It can lead to rectal problems

Spending much time seating on the toilet bowl can lead to health problems such as haemorrhoids due to putting pressure on the rectum. The next time you take your phone or even a newspaper into the restroom, think of the dangers they might be posing to your health.
Try going to poo without your smartphone today, and discover how much time you've been wasting over the years.

• Your brain seriously needs to rest

The toilet is meant to be a place free of distractions, including technology. Your bowel movement is your body's way of asking for a break, not an opportunity for you to reply to your mails. If you don't let your brain relax, you might be depriving the organ of some minutes of rest.
"Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and to ..." When you're out from the office, you allow your brains relax, so it can function properly when needed. If you never let your brain relax and wander, you'll never solve the deeper, stickier creative problems that are ultimately more important than responding to an email within five minutes.

• You become less productive

While this isn't bad to your health, spending much time in the restroom on a regular basis during office hours might be implicating to you as an employee. No boss will like an employee that spends 45 minutes on the toilet, especially when s/he observes you get in there with your smartphone, connected to the office Wi-Fi.

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