How To Backup Emails From Office 365 Webmail

How To Backup Emails From Office 365 Webmail

Microsoft Office 365 users (both users and administrators) don’t take the backup of their Office 365 mailbox data. They think and believe that their mailbox data is secured in the cloud, which is a wrong practice. So the backup emails from Office 365 webmail is a good practice to secure data from data loss.

Reasons to Backup Emails from Office 365 Webmail 

There are several reasons why a particular user wants to create a backup of Office 365 webmail emails. Few reasons are as follows:

• Sometimes, users may delete some important emails by mistake from their mailbox, so at that moment O365 backup mailbox is needed.
• Due to a System crash or Hardware failure, the data stored in the webmail client gets deleted unexpectedly.
• For archiving mailbox content to local disk.
• Reducing the size of the user’s mailbox.
• To analyze the employee or the organization’s database.

These above-mentioned reasons are enough to tell you why it is necessary to have backup emails from Office 365  mailboxes. These reasons motivate users to perform the backup task. 

How to Backup Emails from Office 365 Webmail?  

There are various methods to backup emails from Office mailboxes. So, If you want to create a backup of Emails from the Outlook Office 365 Webmail client then you need to follow the below-mentioned methods -

Method 1: Using Content search eDiscovery Method 

Prerequisites -  

• All the OWA mailboxes must be configured with MS Outlook accounts.
• Internet connectivity is required to configure and assign the full control permission to Outlook Office Mail accounts.

After assigning the admin permissions, wait for a while till the mailboxes are visible to the Outlook application. Now, perform the below steps to backup using this eDiscovery method - 

Step 1: Open up your Configured MS Outlook application.

Step 2: Next, go to Office 365 Admin Center.

How To Backup Emails From Office 365 Webmail

Step 3: Now, select the Security & Compliance Center option.

Step 4: Then, tap on the Permissions option and edit the eDiscovery Manager role group. From the following assigned roles such as Compliance Search, Case Management, Hold, Preview, Backup, Export, Review, and RMS Decrypt, check the presence of the Backup role. If the Backup role is not present, add it by clicking on the plus(+) button.

How To Backup Emails From Office 365 Webmail

Step 5: Now, go to the Search & Investigation option. Press the add (+) button to start a New Content Search wizard. Give a suitable name and click Next to move ahead.

Step 6: Choose and click on the Search everywhere option and tick mark Exchange to backup data from all mailboxes. You can also select particular mailboxes using the Custom location selection feature. Also, you can do a backup from Public folders by choosing the search all public folders option.

Step 7: Next, you can apply the filters such as time range, email metadata (from, to, cc, bcc), and message types.

Step 8: In the next tab, click on Search and choose the desired options for backup then, click on the Start export option to start the backup process.
How To Backup Emails From Office 365 Webmail

Step 9:  Also, from the Content Search dialogue box, you can download the export results by clicking the Download export results option. It will generate an export key and copy this to systems Clipboard.

How To Backup Emails From Office 365 Webmail

Step 10: In the eDiscovery PST export tool paste the copied export key and provide the desired folder location where you want to save the backed up files.

Step 11: At last, click on the Start button to start the backup process.

How To Backup Emails From Office 365 Webmail

Now, let’s move on to the next method to backup emails from Office or OWA 365 Webmail Clients. 

Method 2: Through Microsoft Outlook Software

This method also requires a proper internet connection and Outlook installation in the system. Follow below steps to Backup Office365 mailbox data files using MS Outlook software - 

Step 1: Configure your Office Mail account to MS Outlook.
Step 2: After configuration, open up your configured MS Outlook application.
Step 3: Next, click on the File option and choose Import/export.
Step 4: Now, click on the Export to a file option and click Next to move ahead.
Step 5: Choose Outlook data file (.pst)  and click on Next.
Step 6: Then, select the folder to export from and click Next.
Step 7: Further, select and click on the Select duplicates to be created for exporting the files.
Step 8: At last, click on Finish to start the backup process.

The above-explained methods can solve your problem of backup emails from Office 365 mailboxes, but there are some limitations in both of the processes which can cause a major error during the OWA Mail backup process. Few major limitations are listed below -

• Complex and time-consuming backup process.
• Specific and selective mailboxes cannot be exported using both methods.
• Need MS Office 365 archiving license in backup using the content search eDiscovery method.
• In both methods, you can’t migrate Multiple mailboxes at a time.
• In both methods, Mailbox should be properly configured.

These above limitations can cause major issues during OWA 365 backup mailbox. So, to avoid these all limitations use of the Best Method is advised.

Best Method to Backup Emails from Office 365 Webmail

Those who find the above methods techie and complicated can go for the Outlook 365 email backup tool like Office 365 Backup Tool.

Office 365 Backup & Restore Tool safely backs up your Office 365 emails. The Software comes with a wide variety of features that can backup your Office Email data files easily. Now, let’s understand the important features of this professional software -

Most Prominent Features of Office 365 Backup Tool 

These are some amazing features of the software-

• Backup all the data files from the Office 365 mailboxes like emails, journals, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc.
• Allows users to backup their Office 365 Mailbox data files in CSV file format.
• Saves the backup in multiple file formats like PST, MSG, MBOX, HTML, EML, EMLX, MHT, PDF, and TXT.
• Migrates the mailbox data from Office 365 to Gmail, Thunderbird, Yahoo, IMAP, and various other email clients directly.
• Allows users to assign impersonation rights options to backup emails from multiple Office 365 accounts.
• Users are able to take selective mailboxes backup of Office 365 by date range using Date Filter options.


In this article, we discussed “How to Backup Emails from Office 365 Webmail”. Also, we discussed the major reasons that tend users to backup emails from O365 mailboxes. We detailed every step involved in the manual methods as well as the best-preferred method for Office 365 email backup.

When it comes to backup OWA 365 mailboxes, most users find it difficult to back up the emails of mailboxes based on their preferences like skipping already migrated items, applying selective and specific filters to the data, etc. But, At last, we found that professional Office 365 Converter software is the best approach to backup emails from O365 mailboxes. Thanks for reading this article. I hope you liked it.

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