Tips On How You Can Keep Woven Baskets Clean

Tips On How You Can Keep Woven Baskets Clean

Woven baskets
feature natural stiff fibres which frequently put in a decorative and warm touch to your home. They are also outstanding organizational tools that you can store items that clutter your house. These items usually include shoes, toys, junk mail, electronics, cables, blankets, and much more.

However, one of the drawbacks of these baskets is that they tend to collect dust, grime, and dirt. Remember that a dirty-looking basket can affect the visual appearance of your house. Don’t allow your dirty-looking baskets to mess up the style of your home. This post discusses a few handy tips you can use to clean your baskets so that they always look great while serving their functional purpose.

Cleaning your woven baskets using a microfiber duster

Microfiber dusters are of great use when it comes to cleaning just about any item, and this includes woven baskets. To use them, you will require a large bowl of the bucket, two to three microfiber cloths, and a liquid detergent.

Therefore, to clean your baskets, make sure the basket is empty, wipe down the basket using a dry microfiber duster that is dry, and mix a small number of drops of the liquid detergent into a pail or bowl of warm water.

Besides, you also need to moisten another microfiber duster in the soapy water and make sure that the duster is not too wet. This is because too much moisture can damage the basket. Then use the dampened duster to wipe down the basket making sure you get inside the grooves of the weave along with the base. Lastly, use a dry microfiber duster to wipe away any moisture. Make sure that the basket is fully dry before you use it again.

Cleaning your basket with a vacuum cleaner

Using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner is another easy way to clean your woven baskets and keep them free from dust and grime.

You will need a vacuum cleaner that comes with a small brush attachment and a microfiber cloth or microfiber duster. When you gather the cleaning items, you must make sure that you empty the contents of the basket. Then vacuum your basket from top to bottom using the brush-attachment, but you need to pay special attention to the grooves and the interior of the basket.

Cleaning your woven baskets may not be enough

Most of the woven baskets are classified as a type of organic material. This means that sooner or later, the materials may start to break down when dust and grime have worn away the protective coatings or sealants. At this point, the best solution would be to throw the basket away and get another new woven basket. 

To sum it up, if you want to ensure that your baskets last for as long as possible, make sure that you include the baskets into your routine home cleaning schedule. Ideally, you should be vacuuming or wiping them down frequently, but if you cannot handle the clean, then you can hand it off to professional cleaners.

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