8 Best Scholarship Application Tips

8 Best Scholarship Application Tips
As an African, there are many available opportunities for you but the problem is 'lack of information'. 

We have shared many scholarship opportunities and we keep trying to update the list but it's your duty to subscribe to sites and newsletters that will inform you of the latest scholarship and other opportunities for students. One good thing about scholarships is that you don't have top bother about different ways to make money as student even if your parents are not buoyant enough. All you have to do is to focus on your studies and come out with the best results to please your sponsors.
Today, we'll be discussing different tips for winning a scholarship as an African student.

Tips For Winning A Scholarship Opportunity As An African
It's not so hard, it's just requires persistent and if you believe in yourself,you'll get it.

1) Apply early 

You are not the only applicant therefore you should apply immediately you hear of it. Every school has a specific season it admits students and every scholarship board has a particular season it awards scholarships to students. Sometimes, it runs for only a month, you need to keep yourself informed and apply for the opportunities immediately they start getting applicants.

2) Check websites

Every university has an official website. You can find out the official website of any university by running a quick Google search. This is the best way to get the best information on latest opportunities.

3) Focus

Be focused on what you want to study. Read books related to it because every scholarship board gives students examinations in order to know the qualified students. Check out this post on 5 useful tips for excelling in examinations in Africa if you have any atom of fear (for exams) in you.

4) Research

It doesn't end in focusing on the course, research on it. Most  organizations want only the most promising students for their scholarship opportunities. 
Go beyond your mates, visit libraries, read books and experiment on new topics. During interview, you might be asked a question that you were not taught in the classroom.

5) Pay Close Attention To The Essay Topic For The Application

Obey every single rule given to you in the instructions. Don't write past the instructed number of words nor below them. Analyze the essay topics, most times the organizations are not after the grammar, but after the points in the letter. After all, you can use Microsoft word to write a letter in American English without any grammatical errors but there is no app for giving you points in an essay, what you know is what you write.

6) Mange you time

There is an adage that 'Time Is Money'. Manage your time well. Make a well detailed calendar of the deadlines of the scholarship programs you want to apply for and give yourself enough time to apply for them. 
I'll advise you to apply for as many opportunities as possible however, many scholarship boards don't award scholarships to students that are already benefiting from other opportunities.

7) Get someone to review your application

Tell your parents or guardians to review your application letter. You can also give it to your teacher or a higher student. This is to make sure it is error-free and presentable to the scholarship boards.

8) Apply

Stop doubting yourself and submit the letter. Like I said earlier, believe in yourself and you'll get it.

Thanks for reading along, if this article really helped you, share it to your friends, it'll benefit them too. Are you confused or think that the article should be modified, contact us or drop your suggestions in the comment box below.
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