Careers: 9 Easy Home-Based Jobs You Can Do Online Without Any Capitals

I know that when people hear about home based or online jobs, the first thing that comes to your mind is a laptop and modem. Funny, but that’s partially the truth. Home based jobs can also be done with your mobile phones, iPads and so on.
As far as you have an internet connection, you can be making some income from the four corners of your house.

Now, there are many of them, but mostly require some capitals. Take for instance, Forex. Forex is a nice choice of making money online, but where would the capitals come from? Don’t you think that there are people who can barely subscribe their phones and modems? In that case, we have to suggest other options for them.

What Are The Best Home Based Jobs Without Capital Requirements?

There are so many of them. You can choose from these options below, and I’d even recommend combining many of them for the maximum benefits.

1] Shortened URLs

If you’re a good user of Facebook auto likes, you’d have seen yourself been redirected to a page where you’d see a countdown, mostly for about 5 seconds. After the time elapses, you can then move on to what you came to see. You can view an example here.

Do you think the webmasters placed them there for nothing? Of course NO! They were placed there as a source of more income to the owners. Some pay up to $0.02 per view and imagine when you generate 1000 views in a day; you get up to $20 from that alone. On and on, the money keeps coming.

My favorite shortened url website is Short.est and it’s because they are not banned on Twitter and Google+. If you have a good Twitter fan base, then Click Here to join Short.est free today and start generating your own small money. Once you reach their minimum payout of $5, you get paid via Skrill, Paypal, Payoneer or bank transfer.
You can find out more about shortened urls here.

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2] Carrying Out Surveys

How would you feel if a company paid you to tell them how you felt about using a product like Pepsi? Doesn’t it sound so great? You’d just spend 10 minutes of your time answering some objective questions and at the end get some cash into your Paypal or Payoneer accounts or even by bank transfer?

Well, it’s happening! You can receive an awoof! money today just for being a Pepsi or any other trademarks user. You might not even be a user; you can just get paid for knowing about it and saying something about it. There are many things to talk about there, from the fruit juices, food, medicine and even up to the clothes we put on. The great part is that they email you once there’s a survey so you don’t have to check back always. Well, let’s end the descriptions here. My favorite survey site is Savvy Survey and you can join them HERE. Some countries even get paid for installing the Savvy Survey app on their computers. You can find out more about surveys here.

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3] Job boards

Do you know that if you have a talent you shouldn’t starve? Well, job boards have made it so. They act as an intermediary between employers and employees, also helping to collect earnings, then pay the employees after taking a little portion.

You can offer almost any jobs there, from freelancing, email marketing, seo, traffic, YouTube views and so on. Most of the jobs are even so cheap that you see yourself getting more buyers than you can attend to. A good example of such websites is Fiverr. You can Click Here to join today. Apart from that, there are also others like Upwork, Jobboy, etc. You can find more about job boards here.

4] Freelancing

If you are a good writer, here your talent will speak for you. You can find willing website owners who would pay you to write articles for them. The cheapest I have ever written is $5 and I know that some articles cost up to $100 to write. A very good example of a site that looking for writers is Blasting News

Here, you can any topic you find interesting and no one limits you. You just have to check the quality of your posts and that's all. They'll pay you for writing and pay you for views too. You can find out more about Blasting News here or Join Here. Apart from this, you can also create a gig on Fiverr or join other job boards to start selling your services today.

5] Affiliate Marketing/ Referrals

If you have tried out a product, let's say Blog Dash, then they'd pay you to refer new bloggers. Blog Dash is a site that is looking for bloggers on it's network and is a kind of platform for getting sponsored posts. 

They'd pay you $1 for every accepted blogger, and there's no limit to how many you can refer. If you have a high traffic blog, you can just send them 100 new bloggers a day and you earn $100 as your daily wage. How many companies can pay you that? So you see the power of referrals. there are so many companies out there, if not millions of them that would pay you to refer people to them. You can join Blog Dash Here. Just Google them and join as many as possible. 

About affiliate marketing: This is also nice. You get paid for sending buyers to companies and the earnings are also unlimited. A typical company that does that in Africa is Konga and you can see more like Jumia, etc. Outside Africa, there are ones like Amazon, iTunes and so on. You don't need a blog or website to promote products, but it could also be an advantage if you had one.

Click Here to join Konga today and start earning once you're approved.

6] Social Media Manager

Of course you don't need to be a guru on Facebook before you start making money with it. All you need are a good deal of followers on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and start getting advertisers on it. You can check Google and other search engines for websites that would connect you to the advertisers if they don't contact you directly. An example of a site that would help you monetize your social media pages is ValuedVoice. You can Click Here to join now. 

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7] Selling Of E-books 

How much would it take you to produce an e-book? It's absolutely free. Just using Microsoft Word or Able Word, you convert your document to pdf format and that's an e-book. You can even Hire Us to do that for you very cheap. 

To make your e-book stand out, you need a good graphics designer to design the book cover. After that, then upload it to sites like Amazon, Okada Books, iTunes and as many as possible to troll in buyers from all round. Share your book to Nairaland, Facebook, Twitter and any other place you think you can get prospective buyers.

8] Website Flipping

This simply means the buying and selling of websites. You can buy domain names as cheap as cheap as N1,250 on WhoGoHost with this link.  It's not free though, but it's cheap. 

Any domain name you suspect would be a hit soon, I suggest you buy it in a haste now and resell it soon. Some domains worth billions even, like I can remember, Facebook bought www.fb.com from Farm Bureau for some billions of dollars.

9] Blogging

Of course, this isn't free. You'd need to invest in a domain name, a Facebook and Twitter page, traffic, sponsored posts and so on. If anyone ever told you that it's cheap to blog, then he's probably not into it.

However, with a lot of time, you can start making your own money from blogging. Just buy a domain name, use this my method to get free unlimited Twitter traffic, make proper uses of your Facebook pages and groups, and then master your seo. With these tips, you see your self making some extra income from blogging and believe me, every month will increase your earnings. There are also websites that would help you get sponsored posts on your website, a good example is Izea and I suggest you give it a try. Click Here to sign up now.

Start little today, put faith in yourself today and start making your money online. Believe me, it's not easy, it takes time but you'll surely hit your target. 
If you've got any remarks or questions, kindly drop them below or contact us. We'll reply asap. 
Thanks for reading all along. 

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