How To Improve Tourism In Nigeria

How To Improve Tourism In Nigeria
The Nigerian tourism industry is a very important factor in the Nigerian economy. However, of recent, the Nigerian tourism industry has been stagnated.
This change in the Nigerian tourism sector can be because of the bad attitudes of the government and individuals, due to negligence, because Africans don't value their things, because of the level of illiteracy in Nigeria, or any other factor.

However, it is not a very good act. Nigeria, and Africa as a whole possesses many beautiful cities and tourism centers that if well managed, will become a good source of income to the government and the society at large.
Apart from being a source of income, it can also be a place for people to relax during weekends and holidays.

Tourism is a very important thing in the Nigerian sector and it can contribute in no small way to the economy of Nigeria. I will be presenting to us different things that should be done to improve tourism in Nigeria.
But before we look at that, we need to discuss the meaning of tourism.

What is tourism?

According to Wikipedia, Tourism can be defined as the travel for business and/or pleasure; also the theory and practice of touring, the business of attracting, accommodating, and entertaining tourists, and the business of operating tours

What should be done to improve tourism in Nigeria? 

To improve tourism in Nigeria, the following things need to be done:
- Reduction In The Trips To Foreign Nations:
Annually, hundreds of Nigerians travel to places like Dubai, Paris an other developed countries and they spend lots of money during these trips. If thee trips becomes limited, it'll in no small way improve the tourism sector of our nation.
This also include shows, music videos, etc. Also, many students travel abroad to do their secondary and university education. I don't really blame them, the government should blamed for not providing good schools to the masses.
Even high government officials send their children abroad so the masses should not be blamed if they send their wards outside the shores of the country for their education.

- Identify And Utilize The Holiday Cities In Nigeria:
If you ban or limit travelers from leaving the country, you should tell the places they can stay in Nigeria to enjoy their holidays. Their are many beautiful cities in Africa and we as Africans should utilize them for our holidays.
In Nigeria, there are many cities to enjoy yourself during holidays. Some examples include, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Abuja, and Lagos.

- Increase In The Investment For The Tourism Sector:
If we really wish to see an improvement in the tourism sector, the people in authority need to increase the annual money budgeted into the tourism sector.
Tourism can be a personal business to people and therefore should be funded.

- Embrace Social Media: Nigerians should be more serious about promoting and advertising their local tourism assets with the social media platforms.
Do  you know that Nigerians constitute the largest number of people in Africa that make use of the internet? Sounds somehow but it is really true. If Nigerians will make use of the popular blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms to advertise their local tourism assets, it'll in no small way improve the tourism sectors.

- Build Hotels: If you want to keep tourism in Nigeria, you should as well build cheap hotels and hostels for the upcoming generation. Spots like the Yankari Game Reserve should possess cheap accommodation spaces to encourage the younger minds to engage in tourism within Nigeria.

If priority is given to the Nigerian tourism industry, in no distant time it'll not only attract Nigerians but it'll also attract foreigners and these will lead to foreign organizations investing in it.
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