How To Make Money Online In Nigeria (updated, 2018)

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria
From the time I heard that one could make money online free, I can't recall how many times I have browsed for how to make money online as a student.
The truth is that you can't make fast money online legitimately. You can make money online from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Many other sites can pay you to write. 
Looking at our favorite blog post on 25 Ways To Make Money Online As A Beginner, you will see that the hustle isn't easy. You will see yourself trying different tactics. You jump from freelancing to graphics designs to blogging and back to freelancing. You make as little as $0.1 daily and you are waiting for the tiny droplets of water to form a mighty ocean. 
hmmm...is that how you will leave for life? Why not find out how you can be making as high as $400 monthly in Nigeria even as a student. 
Here we want to teach you how you can make money online in Nigeria. They are not quick, but they pay off and you don't have to be running from the brutal SARS. 
1. Blogging: This is my favorite. You can be making a full living online from a blog without even placing AdSense ads on it. There are no AdSense ads on my blogs but I still make my $$$. Even some top sites like Nairaland, Naijaloaded and many others make millions without AdSense. Why will you continue in this AdSense addiction?

How Can I Make Money From My Blog Without AdSense?

There are so many ways to that. You don't have to kill your self or quit your dreams when there are more than a thousand ways to do that. In fact, AdSense is one of the many ways of monetizing your blog through indirect ads. What if you can get direct ads? What if you can get more than $200 monthly from a one month old blog with low traffic? I taught all these in the tips on how to be making $400 monthly as a student

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2. Freelancing: This is for those who need quick money. You write and get paid immediately and the stress is over. Some websites pay as high as $200 for an article and some $5.

It all depends on the right coaching. I even wanted to quit blogging to fully join freelancing because it was favoring me pretty well. It also involves graphics designs, website creations and so on.
You can find out more on freelancing here.

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3. Social Network: What if you can get paid for every Facebook post you make? That is the power of social network. Some people spend their data on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on and get nothing in return. Others spend theirs and get a lot in return. There are many sites that can help you achieve that, but my favorite is valuedvoice.com. They will approve you within 24 hours of application and you can start earning immediately. You can sign up here.

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4. Affiliate Marketing: You don't need a blog to do this, your Facebook timeline is even a big marketplace. You can join Konga.com, Jumia.com or any other Nigerian based e-commerce store to start promoting products. You can promote gadgets, clothes, edibles and so on and you get paid as per sales you generate.

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5. If you have a nice HD camera, you can earn money by selling your photos on Instagram for as low as $1. You can also sell them on sites like Shutterstock.com and you make some cool bucks.

Anything you can do can earn you money. It's all about determination. 2018 is come, we must make it! If you have any suggestions, questions or remarks, kindly drop them as comments below and we will help.
If you want us to personally coach you till you are buoyant enough, then contact us. That's why we exist, helping others to help others. You can join our classes today.
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