10 Things You Should Never Google

Things You Should Never Google
Hello friend, it's been a while. I hope you are doing fine. Today, we'll be looking at different words that you shouldn't go to Google to search for.

Some of the words affect you psychologically, while some affect you emotionally as the case may be, and in most cases, the less ignorant you remain to them, the better for you. Now let's get going:

Things You Should Never Google

1. About Your Health Status: Have you ever gone to Google to search for 'Symptoms of Malaria'? If yes then you need to stop it. Who do you think writes those things?
Most of them are not professionals and medical practitioners. If you are caught in a severe health condition, you need to see a trained medical before it get's out of hand. However in some cases like in the case of a snake bite, you still need to use the internet to know the first steps to take before the worst happens.

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2. Anything Criminal: Do you know that your browsing history is being tracked? Sounds funny right? But it's quite true. In some developed countries like the United States of America, if you are caught searching for keywords like 'how to make bombs', your location will be tracked and you might have to spend your night behind the bars...lol.

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3. Cancer: There are some things that are better if you don't know them. Everyone knows that cancer is a vulnerable disease, and in many cases it doesn't have cures. If you don't search for the symptoms of cancer and you are not conscious of the fact that you have one, trust me...the better it'll be for you.

4. Your Name: If you have ever searched for your name on Google share this post 😂. I believe everyone that's sees this post will share it because every one of us have one time or the other searched for his/her name on Google.
However, if you search for your names on Google, you might end up seeing results that you never wanted to see and that will end up making you emotionally depressed.

5. Bed bug infestations: You might not be able to bear the symptoms 😂. You can try to see the nasty things yourself and know if you'll not turn your room upside down.

6. Smokers' lungs: I don't smoke, but if you do then you shouldn't search the internet for this. It'll just end up giving you an impression that you'll soon die. But will you soon die? NO!

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7. Dangerous animals: If really don't want to stop travelling, then you really need to stop searching Google for keywords like 'photos of dangerous snakes in Tanzania'  it can stop you from travelling.

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9. Blackhead Removal: A blackhead is a plug of sebum in a hair follicle, darkened by oxidation. it's not really bad to Google this, but you should only Google them if you don't have anything doing any point-in-time 'cos it'll end up wasting your precious time.
10. Giving birth: If you are a lady, then try as much as possible to avoid searching for videos or images relating to this. It might create the impression that child-birth is a dangerous thing whereas it's not really and it's what almost every woman passes through.

You were reading too fast that you forgot I didn't put number 8, hit the share button if you did and drop a comment to keep the fun going.

Things You Should Google

Always search for how, where and when, you will get the most popular searches on your device. You'll be surprised at the level and number of things you never knew about. Also utilize your spare time freelancing and you'll see how in no distant time, you'll notice an increase in your career.
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