10 Amazing Reasons You Must Apply Call-To-Actions To Your Blog Posts

10 Amazing Reasons You Must Apply Call To Action While Writing Your Blog Posts
It takes a lot of time and resources to come out with an amazing blog post ant the wish of every blogger is to get enough people to read his/her post.
Immediately after getting your domain name and creating your blog, the next thing that comes to your mind becomes your source of traffic. Yes, you should start getting enough traffic before you start applying different ways of monetizing your blog because the whole secret lies in traffic.

If your blog is a supermarket, can you generate sales without people entering the shop to see the goods? The answer is a big NOO.

To be honest with you, every organization, no matter how big is till in search of traffic. That's why you'll still see Coca-Cola advertising their products everywhere even though you can hardly see a family that have not heard of Fanta yet.

Amazing Reasons You Must Apply Call To Action While Writing Your Blog Posts
That's one of the popular Coca-Cola bill-boards you'll see on major roads.
That's to show you the importance of traffic. 
Then in advertising, there is something that motivates people to click the ad. It is called a 'Call To Action'. The Coca-Cola bill-board above doesn't have one because of the nature of the product. However if you running an advert in someone's website or sharing your blog post it'll need one. Let's look at these two banners that are used for running adverts.

Importance of call to action

If the both banners are used for running adverts on your website which do you think will attract more clicks?
Obviously, it's the one on the left.
Amazing Reasons You Must Apply Call To Action While Writing Your Blog Posts
This is another way of attracting visitors to your website. Using a GIF banner with a blinking call to action button.
This is to show you the importance of call to action buttons to your business. What if you are writing a blog post? How can you apply this to attract more visitors?

Importance Of Applying Call To Actions While Writing Your Blog Posts

- It'll help facilitate comments

If you are a blogger you'll probably know how fun it is if your blog visitors drop comments after going through your posts. Sometime it's not really enough to share an engaging question or indirectly ask your audience to drop comments, you can also directly ask them to drop their feedback on the posts whether positive or negative.
When they drop the comments try as much as possible to reply to them it helps motivate other visitors.
Examples of call to action blog posts prompting visitors to drop comments are:
Have you applied any of these productivity hacks in your daily workflow? Feel free to tell us about it in the comment box below!
Do you agree that Nigerian politics can still get better? Share why (or why not!) in the comment section!

- It'll help you gain blog subscribers

The importance of blog subscribers can't be under-emphasized. The only way to get re-occurring visitors is by collecting their emails and you'll need a call-to-action to prompt them for it.
Amazing Reasons You Must Apply Call To Action While Writing Your Blog Posts
In some cases, you can also offer free products or discounts to your new subscribers.

- It'll help you generate more sales for your products and services

Just writing a review of your new e-book or a service you offer might not necessarily be enough. You can use your blog posts on the related topics to show your visitors some of the services that you offer.

For example, while writing a post on how to activate https for Blogspot blogs you can include a sentence that will make your users know that they can also contact you to help them do that easily.

- It'll help your visitors share the posts on their social media handles

Ending the post with something like 'if this article helped you please share to your friends' will go an extra mile towards motivating them to share the post.

In case you don't know, sharing posts also help make your posts more search engine optimized.
- It can help you gain more followers on your social media pages.
Convincing your bog readers to follow you on your social media handles can go a long way towards building an online community.

If you don't know, real social media followers are more engaging than buying or using hacks and they're sure of generating good traffic to your blogs and websites.

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- It helps inform your visitors on limited-time offers

Do you have a newly launched product (or an old one) that you think your followers will be interested in you can create a call to action to inform your visitors about it.
10 Amazing Reasons You Must Apply Call To Action While Writing Your Blog Posts

It can be your product or an affiliate product.

- It'll help you invite your readers to an event

Be it an offline event or an online one creating a call to action will help keep your audience informed about it and also notify the new ones about the event.
You'll then include words like find out more, register now, apply now, schedule an appointment, book a seat...they are uncountable.
Just choose a suitable word for your event.
Information Guide Africa, InfoGuideAfrica
This is a sample banner I created for this post. However if InfoGuideAfrica should organize a Tech conference in your locality, will you be present?

- It'll help your readers choose what they see according to interests

A call to action in your home-page can help you show only the posts your readers will find relevant to them.
10 Amazing Reasons You Must Apply Call To Action While Writing Your Blog Posts
If you have an online store that sells both males and females' wears, then it can be a great way of showing the best products to your customers.

- You can use a call to action to show when an event is ending

This is similar to the event call to action, however it seems to be working better than it because it'll give your visitors the feeling that if they don't sign-up they'll be losing something big.
10 Amazing Reasons You Must Apply Call To Action While Writing Your Blog Posts
Don't mind my clock above...lol.

- It'll help you to invite people to download your app

If you have an official mobile app you can use a call to action to inform your visitors of the mobile app and also give them a link to download it.

And before I forget, please check out our own app. I bet you'll love to have it.

With these, you can see that the power of call-to-actions can't be under-estimated. The above examples are not the only ways of applying call-to-actions to your posts, please if you know any not stated here, do well to drop them as comments.

Before you go, you can check out our e-book, 'The Successful Blogger' if you are yet to create a blog or looking to monetize yours.
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