How To Become A Millionaire From Selling Akara In Nigeria

Things needed to start akara business
Akara (also called Acarajé) is a popular snack that is found in some parts of West Africa and in Brazil although it originated from the Western region of Africa.
Akara is made from peeled beans formed into a ball and then deep-fried in dend√™. It is one of the best business opportunities for Africans if it is done very well.
It is bad that people that engage in this akara re so belittled in some parts of Nigeria, by people that have not settled down to calculate the profit they make in it. Only people that have good understanding of the business will know the best ways to approach it in order to make the maximum profit from it.
Some people take akara sellers as illiterates, but it's not always true. If you are a student of Federal Polytechnic Nekkede, you should know one of your students who trained himself from selling akara at the school gate, I can bet he is richer than majority of Poly students then when he was still in school.

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Why Akara Business Is Better Than Other Types Of Businesses

- It doesn't need much capital: In most cases, starting an akara business doesn't need that much capital, in fact, most of the people I have seen into it don't necessarily rent big shops. They jut construct the shops beside the roads with the regular materials that are found near us and they are good to go.

- It doesn't require registration: Unlike many other businesses, venturing into akara business doesn't necessarily require registering your business with the government. Although everything depends on how big you want to start it, you can check out this post on how you can register your business with less than #12,000 in Nigeria.

- Profit comes in short time: Unlike some other types of businesses, you will see your profit coming in on daily bases, this will help you to know how to buckle up and also increase your savings. You can check out this benefits of saving money in case you have not yet started it.

- Requires less training: You don't need much training to start it, just a basic knowledge of it and the willing to improve your knowledge with time. You should also be observant and careful to hear your customers' feedbacks and know how to improve on them.

These are few of the advantages, it's also very easy to start and can also give you the chance to combine it with another business because most people actually buy akara balls in the morning when they want to eat it with bread, pap, custard, rice and other meals.

What Are The Things You Need To Start A Successful Akara Business In Nigeria?

- A Shop: You need a shed where you will be staying to fry the akara, and also some of your customers will prefer staying on your shop to eat the delicacy.
- A Seat: Like we earlier said, some of your customers will like to eat on your shop and they can't be standing. Also, you'll have people waiting for you to to bring out the hot balls from the pan. Actually,some customers prefer eating the hot ones and will prefer to wait for the one on the pan instead of paying for the ones on the sieve.
- Source of fuel: A little gas cylinder will be ok. In some areas, you can also decide to make use of frying pans. Your location will determine the type you'll use.
- Showcase: This is not a must but it is very important. If you display the delicacies in a showcase after frying instead of just putting them in an open tray, believe me, just the sight alone will be enough to attract customers.

Things To Avoid If You Want To Make It Big Selling Akara

- Avoid frying your akara in an open, dirty environment. You might be getting regular illiterate customers but majority of learned people that I know avoid patronizing dirty shops.
- Avoid exposing the snacks to flies. You can make it attractive by using showcases like we earlier said.
- Don't sell only akara in that your shop, add other products. People love eating akara and bread, you can add that to your shop to maximize profit. Also, after eating, you'll need to drink water, so try getting at least two bags of pur3e water for a start and monitor how much your customers buy them.
- Avoid using abusive words or being rude to your customers. Remember this adage, 'your customers first'. take yourself like someone that is obligated to making his/her customers happy. You should also be conscious of the fact that your customers can act annoying sometimes and always be prepared for it.

How To Make Akara With Bean Flour

Photos of akara
Although you'll still need to run a physical training in order to be perfect with this skill, we'll run through some basic steps that will help you make a delicious akara snack.

Required Tools
- Motar and pestle
- Blender

- Water
- Beans
- Salt
- Vegetable or groundnut oil
- Onions
- Pepper

- Remove the beans coats:
You can do that by first wetting the beans, then use the mortar and pestle to separate the beans from the coats. But be careful while using the mortar so that you won't pound the beans, also avoid adding salt to the beans as it'll make the separation process more tedious.
- Soak the peeled beans inside cold water for two hours and grind it with the blender (some people also use the pestle and mortar). You  can also take it to the market, there are people that specialize in grinding beans and other grains, in that case, you won't need to soak it for long.
- Cut the onions into your desired sizes and grind the peppers.

How To Make Akara

- Use the blender to grind the beans, add small water to the beans. The water you add should just be small enough to allow the blades of the blender to move easily.
- Put some vegetable oil inside a frying pan, make it to be 3 inches deep or more and set it on the cooker.
- Put some of the beans that your grounded beans inside a mortar. Just the quantity that you can fry at a time.
- Stir the beans puree in a continuous motion with the pestle.
- Continue stiring the beans till it becomes whiter and you start perceiving a peculiar aroma.
- Add some water and stir but don't add excess water.
Check if the oil is hot enough to sizzle (it should not be too hot to avoid the Akara from spattering when the beans batter hits the oil).
- If the oil becomes hot, you can now add the peeper and onions to the beans puree and stir.
- The final step before putting the puree into the pan is to add salt. Putting salt for a long time in the puree will destroy the leavening property of the beans. It is the beans leavening property that helps prevent splatter and also makes the akara to float during the frying process.
- We are almost done, finally use a tablespoon to scoop the puree into the oil, you can dip it a little bit to reduce splatter.
- Allow it to fry till the underside turns golden brown, then you can turn the up side.
- When it's done, you bring it out and put it inside a sieve to drain the oil.
It was fun right? You can now enjoy the akara with bread (my favorite), pap (akamu), agidi, and custard.
It was fun right?
You can watch this video below by All Nigerian Recipes to help you understand the whole process very well.

If you encounter any problem or your akara didn't come out as usual, please drop it as a comment so we'll discuss them.
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