5 Blogging Tools That Helped Me Increase My Blog Traffic, Earnings And Subscribers In 2018

5 Blogging Tools That Helped Me Increase My Blog Traffic, Earnings And Subscribers In 2018
Blogging without traffic is a total waste; you can imagine spending time creating post that nobody would ever want to read on the internet.
When I ventured into blogging back in 2015, I started a blog on How’Tos niche, but after spending time to make research and write on a topic I find interest in, I will publish it on my blog and after 1 month of writing the post, my blog statistics for that post will be displaying 10. 
The fact here is that it came to a point I stopped blogging, because I will spend money in purchasing Data Plan for my blog and at the end it will look like I am losing.
But Truly I Was Losing!
If you are in this category of not getting much people to view your blog, don’t worry i am here for you, i have passed though the trauma of having low blog views every time i have a new blog post published on my blog. 
But ever since I applied some of the blogging tools i will be sharing with you now, my blogging traffic never remained the same.
It increased from a blog of 100-2k views per day.
So without wasting much of your time and feeding you with all these blogging stories, let take a full tutorial on some of the top blogging tools that can help in skyrocketing your blog traffic in no time. 
In order for your blog traffic to increase with some of the top blogging tools I will be sharing with you soon, you need to see:
Watch Out For: How To Make Your New Blog Post Rank On Google First Page Fast In 1 Hour, as I have written a full tutorial on how you can even rank with 300-500 words article on your blog. 

Lists Of Blogging Tools That Can Increase Your Blog Traffic Dramatically In 2018

- Facebook Customer Chatbot

Over the years many companies like Push Crew and the rest have been looking for some of the strategy that they can use to help most publishers today grow their readers and traffic, but it was to no avail as Facebook took over.
Top Nigerian Bloggers like Jide Ogunsanya of OgbongeblogVictor Onyeakachi Of Entclassblog, Prince John Okosun of Blogging Prince and so many blogs have been using this tool to grow their traffics and subscribers. 
Recently I saw a picture showing the Total subscribers Blogger Jide Ogunsanya Of Ogbongeblog showing about 434,350 Subscribers And Active Users on his blog Facebook Chabot.
That got me!
Come to think of how many people are using the Facebook Social Media Platform around the world, this is to say when these active subscribers who subscribed for Daily Digest (Latest Post) on your blog Using the Facebook Chatbot, whenever they are online they will receive a message from messenger with the available digest from the subscribed blog highlight the interesting articles for that day.
You can easily get your Facebook Chatbot for your blog here for either Blogger Or Wordpress Platform as Prince John Okosun has explained in details how to easily do that in no time. 

Addthis Website Tools

There is no way I will write this post without mentioning the Addthis website tools; these tools have really helped me in catching 5 fishes at a go. 
What do i mean by that?
5 Blogging Tools That Helped Me Increase My Blog Traffic, Earnings And Subscribers In 2018A reader can bump into my site and then an email widget will just pop up asking you if you wanted to get more tips and secrets or if you wanted to advertise on the blog, the ball is left for the reader to fire if he or she is interested in running some adverts. 
Seriously you need to start building your blog readers, gather them in a big ban so you can get the best online, i don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t have at least about 1000 subscribers on your blog.
NOTE: All AddThis Tools Are Now Free
Try using the Addthis Website Tools as it comes with 5-6 tools that can really take your blog to the next level. 

Search Engine Optimization

Having Chatbot and Addthis tools on your blog is not just sufficient for you to grow your blog readership and the same time increases your subscribers and earnings. 
You need to highly optimize your blog post for SEO, my blog post are indexed every 20 Minutes of publication, though I won’t be talking fully about SEO in this post, but in my next post here I will talk fully about Blog Post Ranking Secrets in 2018 for both Wordpress and Bloggers Platforms. 
But before then, Bloggers on Blogspot Platform can make use of the All in one SEO Pack for Bloggers 2018 Version, while Bloggers on Wordpress can make very good use of the AutoptimizerJet Pack and Yoast SEO as it will do the miracle you’ve been waiting for quite a long time.

Wrapping Up:

So incase you’ve been experiencing low blog views, low income, low sales and so much more, I believe this article must have inspired you, though i did not share much but I promise you that i will be sharing with you my blog ranking secrets for 2018 as many bloggers have been asking me on social media.
Have you got any questions to ask, feel free to contact me and I'll answer them immediately.

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