How To Start Making ₦150,000+ Monthly Selling Phone Accessories

How To Start A Mobile Phone Accessories Business In Nigeria
In this 21st century, the demand for mobile accessories have drastically increased when compared to the previous years.
Mobile phones are now accessible by the average persons and many phone companies now produce phones within the consumers' budgets.
One important fact about having mobile phones is that you can't use them without extra accessories. You can't use an Android phone without memory card, charger, earpiece or screen guard.
This has made the mobile accessories business a very profitable one. The repair parts and accessories of many mobile gadgets like Snmasung, Nokia, Blackberry, Sony Xperia, Tecno, Infinix and Itel are readily available in the 
readily available in the market.
So if you've been thinking of starting a mobile phone accessories business, then it's worth knowing that the business is very lucrative and can fetch you good amount of money monthly.

How To Start A Mobile Phone Accessories Business In Nigeria

This is selling of GSM accessories like charger, ear-piece, memory card, usb cords and other things. Although you can get these things on Jumia, Konga and other online shops, but many people prefer buying it offline because of some the advantages.
Like sometime last month, I bought a charger from IMSU front gate on Friday and as I tested it, it was not working. On Monday I returned it to the shop and the guy still accepted it. If this was in an online shop, I'll have to submit many petition to their customer care service and in some cases, the emails don't get responses or you'll see the response email after some weeks when you might have become tired of waiting.
If you are into this kind of business, you'll have to target an area that students pass most often. Research has shown that students love buying accessories like ear-pieces and chargers.

How Profitable is Phone Accessories Business in Nigeria?

This is a very lucrative business but your success in it depends on your location. The best places to start this business in areas occupied by students.
Students purchase earpieces and phone chargers a lot and in most cases, buy them at good rates.
Do you know that you can buy a charger for N120 and sell it N250? That's the secret. Making a gain of N130 on each charger sold. If you are combining the sales of charger with other accessories like earpiece you'll see that at the end of the week you'll be going home with an amazing profit.
You just have to checkout the cell phone accessories business plan to know the best ways to start and run the business for maximum profit.

How To Make Money Selling Phone Chargers In Nigeria

Just like every other business, the first thing you need to do is to checkout if the business is really meant for you. Many people venture into this business but it requires the right mindset to be successful in it.
The best thing about running a business is running a business that you are passionate about, so decide if you'll really love this type of business. If you'll continue in it if it doesn't yield the desired profit on time, then you can give it a try.

- Choose a good location

You can use school gates, market squares, or junctions. However, you should choose an area that people pass often.
Some other places that will make sense to run it include:
- A high traffic location like motor parks.
- Close to mobile phone repair parts business dealers.
- Close to dealers on mobile phones (this include marketers of both fairly used and new phones).
- Close to other mobile phone accessories dealers, if they don't make good profit they wouldn't have remained there.

- Advertise your business

This doesn't necessarily mean advertising your product on a TV or newspaper, staying in a good location is already enough advert and can contribute positively towards helping you generate profit from the business.
If you want to take your business to a more advanced level, you can also consider creating a website with a custom domain to enable your customers contact you easily.

- Consider Registering Your Business Name

I included the consider because it's not compulsory. many people are already successful in the business without officially registering the business but you can make yours stand out from the rest by doing so.
You might skip this stage in the early stages of the business, but as you advance, it'll be great to put it into consideration.

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- Survey the market

Survey the market to know where other mobile phone accessories dealers purchase their wares in wholesale rates. You can get them on Jumia and Konga if you'd want it to be delivered to your doorstep.
If you reside in Lagos, you can also buy from computer village in Alaba market in Ikeja. 
Those in Owerri (or other parts of Imo State) and Anambra will get them cheap at Onitsha market. However, some other big markets in Imo State include, Relief market, Eke Mgbidi Market, Eke Onunwa Market, Afor Umuaka and Orlu International Market.
If you stay in Abia, I shouldn't remind you of the Ariaria International Market in Aba.
If you stay in KanoKantin kwari Market and Kurmi Market are great places to purchase these wares.

- Launch Your Mobile Phones Accessories Business

This is the final stage of the business and it is assumed that everything is set. You should know very well that running every business requires risks and things might not go as expected.
Be honest while running the business. Selling of inferior products or exploitation of your customers, will make them to stop patronizing you.

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Mobile Phone Accessory Business

This is one the businesses you can start with a low budget depending on the scale. You can use N25,000 to purchase the first items however, as with any other businesses, the more you invest, the more your potentials of making profit from the business.
Depending on your financial capacity, it is best to start from small to medium scale and then watch the business grow to a larger scale with time.
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