NNU Review - Why I Will Never Join The Platform

NNU Review
The Nigerian News Update,  popularly known as NNU is here to stay. It has become popular by day and has even gotten a lot of competitors.
It seems like in my hood, I'm the only one who has refused to join the crew...Lol. People keep searching for things like NNU registration, NNU.ng registration, NNU income Nairaland, NNU.ng register, NNU.ng review, NNU income login, NNU income register, NNU income platform and NNU NG login.
So what is NNU? NNU stands for Nigerian News Updates, and was founded by Paul Samson the founder of CoolNaira.comEboss.ng and a few other initiatives. What is NIP? NIP stands for NNU Income Program.
For those asking if NNU is scam? It is 100% legit. I'm not here to promote any affiliate links or referral links, I'm not a member, at least for now. I might consider joining later but for now, it's not on my mind.
This is my own review, and I think you should read others before making a decision. I have worked on a similar site, Blasting News and still work there now.
NNU is one of the ways of making money with your Facebook account, but I prefer Valued Voice and some other websites. Since most of the participants of the NNU program are new to making money online, also check out these 25 awesome ways to make money online as a beginner, most of them are 100% free to join. With some good experience in the freelancing niche, I think I can give my good review of the Nigerian News Updates.

Nigerian News Updates Reviewed

Some of the reasons why I'd not want to join the NNU will be discussed below.
We are here to talk about the Disadvantages of NNU.

Disadvantages of NNU

- Their posts on my wall are so much that they now look spammy

As I have earlier said, it seems like I'm the only one in my hood not into the NNU stuff, and I see one post over 10 times on my wall.
Facebook is one of the best traffic sources, together with Reddit, Twitter and Google. The method of promotion of the NNU articles has it that everyone of them would make a daily post, use some specific hashtag and include a shortened url in the photo.
Seeing those viral news repeated so many times on my wall ain't funny at all, and they are not the only news sources on my Facebook wall. I follow other top news blogs and you can imagine that at the end of the day, I'm seeing Davido's news like 10 times in less than an hour spent on Facebook.
I don't see myself annoying my Facebook audience that way, so I rather spend my time writing a poem or promoting my blog post than sharing some viral stuff on my Facebook wall.

- It is a job and not a career

You're already confused right? A job is something you are doing to feed you now, while a career is something you are doing to feed you for life. Blogging is my career, but NNU is a job because you cannot do it for life. The time I invest in working for NNU if invested in my personal internet career will surely pay off better, if not now, in time to come.
Top entrepreneurs create their own opportunities rather than working on other people's own. However, to raise your capital, you might consider doing a little of these jobs.

If you want to start an online business and make money online, you can check out jdealmmo.com. They have many different guides that will help you such as starting a blog and affiliate marketing.

- The pay is little

The pay is really little. I have a close friend who worked on the site for 2 months and couldn't reach the minimum payout yet. It is not the same as blogging, where you just buy a domain name, write some awesome contents, promote them and make your money.
You can stop working for NNU today and it will stop paying off, but your blog will still be paying even if you stop updating.

What's more? This is a personal view of the Nigerian News Updates, also known as NNU. You can still join and benefit from their referral program, it actually is the best way to make money from them.
We wish you the best, don't forget to share!
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