5 Easiest Ways To Sell Advertising Space On Your Website

5 Easiest Ways To Sell Advertising Space On Your Website
If you are looking for how to get paid for advertising on your website, we'll be showing you some amazing websites that can help you get advertisers without much stress.
Advertisement is one of the most popular ways of monetizing a blog or website because it will allow you to sell ad spaces on your website, whenever people visit your blog, they view the ads and also read the articles. Already, many people prefer using ad networks like Google Adsense and Chitika Ads because they help connect you to advertisers and in turn, receive some percentage of your earnings.
Today, we'll be discussing about a slightly different thing, some platforms that can help you as a publisher, get advertisers.

Top Five Online Advertising Marketplace for Publishers and Advertisers

- BuySellAds

This is the biggest platform for buying and selling of ads online and has ben around since 2008. BuySellAds builds powerful revenue technology for publishers and connect marketers with qualified, valuable audiences at scale.
If you want to start monetizing your website by displaying ads from BuySellAds, you'll first have to first create an account, then submit your website for approval. After which, your website will become available on Buysellads marketplace for advertisers to browse.
BuySellAds supports almost all ad types like image, text,  tweets, Email Newsletter and RSS Feeds. 
As an advertiser, you'll also be provided with a good traffic stats in order to help you make a right decision. Buysellads payout is via PayPal.
Url: BuySellAds.com

- AdClerks

While BuySellAds allows advertisers to choose their websites, AdClerk allows publishers to set their prices and choose which advertiser they want to display their ads. In AdClerk, publishers can choose whether to display only an ad or rotate ads from different advertisers in one ad space.
Publishers decide whether they want to offer the banner space at a flat monthly rate or on a CPM basis, but also conscious of the fact that they have to be attractive because of competition.
After setting your price,it'll now be left for AdClerk to start displaying the ads when the advertiser pays for it.
AdClerk is strict in approving websites and your blog must be in English language with at least 100,000 average monthly to get approved as approval is done manually.
You can cashout your funds via International Wire, PayPal or to your BTC Wallet once you reach $25 and cashout is on the 7th of every month.
Url: AdClerks.com

- Digital Point

This is an advertising delivery system which allows advertisers to bid on ad space from site owners directly. It is different from the others because advertisers are allowed to bid on ad spaces directly and ads from the highest bidder is displayed.
If you want your ads spaces to start displaying ads, you'll have to first verify the site's ownership, then place the ad serving code on your website, review an advertisers ad and the highest bid gets to be displayed. If you don't have an active bid, your normal ad code will be displayed instead.
One good thing in this ad delivery system is that advertisers pay you directly, however Digital Point charges 20% of every successful transaction.
Payment is via PayPal.
Url: Digitalpoint.com

- AdSella

This is another platform you can visit to start getting advertisers. It is recommended for small publishers because they accept both WordPress self-hosted sites and blogs still in the .blogspot.com extension. They can allow you to make money from advertising even with your free blogs and websites.
In order to be accepted in this platform, you must have unique contents on your blog. AdSella pays publishers 80% of their earnings and payment is via PayPal and Stripe.
Url: AdSella.com

- BlogAds

BlogAds is the oldest in this list and has been around since 2002. Just like BuySellAds, BlogAds will allow you to sell varieties of ad types and sizes and advertisers can purchase ad spaces directly on your website.
They pay 70% of advertising revenue to publishers and minimum payout is $75 via PayPal or $750 if you prefer checks.
Url: BlogAds.com

Getting advertisers in your blog is the dream of every blogger, however you need have a decent traffic for advertisers to start showing interest on your website. You can also consider using other AdNetworks or Affiliate Marketing. You can also check out these 5 Ways of monetizing a Blog Without Ads.
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