How To Save For Your Trip

How To Save For Your Trip
We all are made to travel, at least once in life. There are times it has to be a short journey, let's say from your state to the neighboring and there are also a few times it will distant, like even from one country to another.
For me, I'm a big fan of such longer journeys. I love to explore places, meet new people, test new recipes and you know, change my environment a little. However, we at times do not have all the money we necessarily need to travel as much as we like. An average Nigerian employee lives on an average salary of $100, while the bigger staff make around $1000, monthly.
With the above funds, you necessarily might not be able to access all the tours and travels you dream about. The interest will be there, but the funds will probably be a setback.
That is why today we're bringing your way, 10 killer tips on how to save better for your next journey. Travels don't have to be expensive, they just have to be fun and memorable. Read on, and you'd be thankful you did.

10 Killer Tips On How To Save For Your Next Trip

Talking about trips, they really don't have to be expensive, at least off our budgets. They just have to be fun. Apply these 10 tips and you'd be thankful you did.

- Make your own food

I know it is more convenient to walk into a fast food and request for meals, but for a traveler in a foreign land, it will actually be more bulky on your pocket. Continental dishes are not seen in just any restaurants, and they cost more than the local dishes. You can purchase your own foods and save yourself the cash you would have invested in feeding for the time you were not at home.

- Make your own coffee

You can just walk into any restaurant or food outlet and make an order of coffee, but it will triple the price that it would take you to order the same coffee in your native land. You can be more economical if you decide to make your own coffees, with the ingredients which can readily be found in any part of he world. Just warm up with a couple of bucks and you get the same value for lower cash.

- Take advantages of sales

You have to take advantage of sales and promos, to make sure you minimize the time needed for your travels. For instance, www.travelstart.com.­ng always come up with awesome price slashes and promos, which can help you spend less for more values. No matter your flight routes, take advantages of such offers from the travel agencies and decrease to total money you spend on travels.

- Sell any stuff that wouldn't be needed for your journey

You might not be needing two mobile phones and a digital camera for the trip, so why not sell them off? You can advertise them online on any of these free advertisement platforms or patronize any of the classified sites like OLX and Jiji.ng to sell them off.
It will help put some extra bucks in your pocket.

- Give up on unhealthy habits

Some unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking and womanizing will do nothing less than sucking your pockets empty in your travel destination. Not only do they cause some critical health issues such as cancer, but they also make you look irresponsible to your hosts.
You should also pause gambling when on trips, because you might have to compete with the gurus in your destination and you know what that means.

- Use the public transport more

Using the public transport saves you more than 30% of money. You save more on fuel, car maintenance, parking spaces and a lot of other charges. You can use the public trains, they are way more cheaper than the Uber. You can also consider traveling in a group of maybe four, if you will prefer the Uber or chartering of taxis.

- Research more about your travel destination

Don't just wake up, pack your luggage and begin to travel, discuss with people who have gone to the place before to know the hacks they used to save themselves some bucks. It could be that they traveled together, made their food, booked hotel rooms together and booked flight tickets ahead of time.
It's not a harm to do that, you can also go online. There possibly might be a few travel blogs who have articles on your destination. You can also use YouTube videos to make your searches. Before you are done, you would have seen something that will benefit you more and save a few more bucks during your trip.

- Book tickets ahead of time

Booking flight tickets ahead of time is no doubt one of the greatest hacks for a traveler. You can always use a travel agent like Travel Start to book your trips, and plan ahead of time. They will always have a list of flights, and no matter your budget, you can be able to patronize one.

- Save all extra bucks, no matter how small

Those little change that remain in your pocket shouldn't be wasted. Get a piggybag and save all little money, after something like three months, you'd be amazed at how much you have been able to save.

- Fly economic

If you are looking for how to save, then you probably ain't a multi-millionaire yet or one of the big heads. It doesn't matter how you fly, all that matters is that you reach your destination safe.
You can fly the economic plan so you can be sure that you saved some little money from flights for your trip.
How To Save For Your Trip
What's more? I'm sure this article really helped you, and you can now save some more bucks the next time you travel.

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