The Easiest Guide On How To Make Liquid Soap Like Morning Fresh

How To Make Liquid Soap Like Morning Fresh
Morning Fresh is a household name in almost every Nigerian home. With its ease in removing greasy stains on our dishes and yet it's amazing fragrance, it is still inexpensive as compared to it's competitors.
As with any other awesome products out there, people are also always searching for how to make liquid soap for dishwashing and how to make liquid soap for bathing. Morning Fresh isn't used for bathing, so we will just see how to make liquid soap today and the general liquid soap making procedure in Nigeria. In learning how to make liquid soap, you must first be familiar with the color and function of texapon in liquid soap. You will also need to know more about the morning fresh liquid soap and the morning fresh ingredients.

We will talk about the chemical formula for liquid soap and the function of natrosol in liquid soap. We will also see the function of natrosol and how to make liquid soap for washing clothes.
The Mama Lemon liquid soap and the Morning Fresh are typical examples of the liquid soap, and their ingredients and methods of production are not so different.
Before we begin, do you know that with as low as ₦1,000, you can produce over 15 litres of this product in your house?

Well, don't be shocked yet, there's still more to know.
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Recipes For Producing Morning Fresh

- Soduim Laurel Sulphate – 1/4 kg
- Sulphonic Acid – 1 litre
- CMC (PacR, or Antisol) – 1/4 kg
- Soda Ash – 1/4 kg
- Perfume [Lemon fragrance of any of your choice]
- Color (Green)
- Texapon – 1/4 kg

Steps To Produce Morning Fresh

- You have to first soak 1/4kg of the PAC-R, CMC or Antisol in about 10 litres of clean water for 2-3 days. It must properly dissolve, looking like starch or palp before you begin your production.
- After doing this, dissolve around 1/4 of your soda ash too, and pour it into your CMC, then stir until the reaction is settled.
- The next step is to dissolve the Soduim Laurel Sulphate in clean water to give a clear solution. Pour in your CMC and also stir.
- Then you dissolve 1.4kg of the Texapon, pour it into the above mixture.
- Pour about 1 litre of the sulphonic acid into the CMC and also don't forget to stir .
- You're almost getting done! Dissolve the caustic soda in your clean water and also stir. Pour the mixture into the above mixture.
- By now the lather should have appeared. Wait for it to disappear, then add perfume and color to your taste.

Your liquid soap is now done. That was very easy right? Don't forget to share.
Article source is InfoGuideAfrica.com.
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