4 Basic Devices Every Nigerian Student Should Have

4 Basic Devices Every Nigerian Student Should Have
Getting admission as a student in any university comes with a lot of demands and responsibilities in addition to the regular fees.
Every parent is usually prepared to respond to any demands that their wards might require before their graduation, and the graduation day is a day they look forward to. Although many Nigerian youths prefer to study in countries like Belgium, France, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Ukraine and many other countries of the world, majority still prefer to study in Nigeria.
Nigeria has many amazing universities that still maintain good educational standards so studying here is not a waste of time as many great men have graduated from the country. 

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As a Nigerian student, there are some devices that you need to help you make your academic life easier. This is not all about having cars or music players in your room, those ones are good but not essential. The gadgets that will be listed here, the greater knowledge of them you have, the better for you.

4 Basic Devices Every Nigerian Student Should Have

These are some of the most important devices you should have as a Nigerian student and their uses. The gadgets listed are for making life in the university easier for you and more affordable.

- Laptop

We all know how important a laptop is to every student. With a laptop, you can easily do your assignments, type projects and even send emails. Not having a laptop as a student means going to the cybercafe to use the public system or borrowing from friends and all these are expensive and involve great risks. You emails or social media accounts can be hacked and used for illegal things. Also, you'll need a laptop if you want to study at home as a Nigerian.
With as little as 70,000, you can get a good laptop from Jumia or Konga.
To find out more please read more on how to choose a good laptop or check out basic tips to help your laptop last longer.

- A good smartphone

If you attended a Nigerian university, you should know how important a good smartphone is in a laboratory. There are cases you'll need to take photos during the course of an experiment to enable you draw the specimens later
Also, with a smartphone, you can chat up your course mates on WhatsApp or other social networks and chatting apps when the need arises. Sending and receiving of emails from course mates and lectures is also very easy with the smartphones.
You can check out some amazing smartphones from Konga and Jumia that will fit into your budget.

- Noise-cancelling headphones

This might sound more like a peripheral but it's quite important depending on your school. Many students have home theaters music players in their rooms so you can experience difficulties concentrating on your books. Also, during evening or night classes, noise-cancelling headphones will help to an extent, eliminate side distractions and noises from you.
You can check out noise-cancelling headphones from Konga or Jumia if you'd love to purchase them online.

- Printers

Printers will in no small way help you to manage money as a student. Your projects and assignments can be typed by you free of charge. All you have to do is to get the printer, put ink and with an electricity connection, your hard-copies will be out in a few seconds.
Printers can also help you to make money as a student by helping other students print out their own projects. You can check out printers on Konga and Jumia to check out the best for you depending on your budget.
These are some of some of the devices that can help you as a student in any Nigerian university. They are not expensive and to make the market researches easier for you, we have included the links to the various products on Nigeria's biggest online shops, Konga and Jumia. You can check them out, make your orders and get them delivered to your doorstep.
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