How to Create A Table On Blogger

How to Create A Table On Blogger
Whether you are looking for how to how to do a table on blogger or how to create a table on blogspot, they are all the same thing and we'll guide you through that now.
Blogging is no doubt one of the easiest ways of making money online, and for personal reasons,some people choose to remain in the Blogger.com platform. One of the major reasons people prefer the Blogspot platform is finance and another is security. Blogging with the Blogger.com requires just a domain and you're good to go.
We have previously taught about how to convert your Blogspot blog into a professional music download website with direct download button, what if you want to create a table for your posts?
A table will go a long way into explaining more than 1,000 words to your audience at a glance. With this blogger table generator, you don't need a html table generator to create a responsive table for blogger.
An online table is now easy to make and you can use it for your accounting, insurance, and other accounting related posts. Even in comparing products and services like schools, it'll be of great help.

How to Create A Table On Blogger Without Previous Coding Knowledge

Yes, you heard me right and we'd run through that in a jiffy. This is something that many blogspot bloggers are looking for and some don't even know it exists, yet a few think it's impossible.
So let's get going:
- Open your Microsoft Word and 'CREATE TABLE'
How to Create A Table On Blogger
- Fill in the tables
How to Create A Table On Blogger
- Hurray, you've successfully created the tables so we'd be moving over to the next step. You should convert the table to a HTML and there is a very easy way of doing that.
Press Ctrl+S to save your document or use the normal saving toolbar
How to Create A Table On Blogger
- To save your file in the .html extension click on drop down and select “web page filtered” and click on Save.
How to Create A Table On Blogger
- Now you can close your Microsoft Word if you wish, then go to the saved file and open it with Notepad.
How to Create A Table On Blogger
- Copy the whole texts you see on the notepad
How to Create A Table On Blogger
- Visit Blogger.com and click on create new post, then switch to HTML view and paste the text
How to Create A Table On Blogger

- That's all, you won't see any table in the blogger dashboard, but you can click on preview to view the table before publishing the article. You can view our sample article here.

NOTE: If you want to change the font style, font size and header color, simply visit Tableizer and paste the code in the text field.
Then edit it to your taste, copy it and then past in the HTML of the blog post and publish.

We tried our best to present this tutorials in a way that it'll be understandable by everyone, however feel free to contact us if you are unable to do it or you need further help.
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