Start Making ₦200,000 Monthly Charging Phones

Start Making #180,000 Monthly Charging Phones
The phone charging business is the very lucrative business that is ignored by many people. It involves earning a living by helping people charge their mobile phones and other devices.
It's popular in countries that have poor or epileptic electricity supplies especially because of the fact that it doesn't require much capital to start.In many parts of Africa, you can hardly stay for up to 48 hours without experiencing a break in the supply of electricity unless you are using an extra source of power.
Unlike many other businesses, starting and running a phone charging business is not expensive and can be started in a little kiosk. It is one of the businesses you can start with a budget of N100,000 and still make good profit at the end of the month. It only requires a shop, source of power and a good location.
One of the most important factors you should put into consideration is the price of shops, renting a shop of N180,000 will heavily wear you down unless you want to combine other businesses like barbing salons and selling of phone accessories with it. You can also consider selling recharge cards alongside the phones because anyone coming to charge a phone must need a recharge sometime.

How Profitable Is The Phone Charging Business

If you are staying in a good location, you can be making good money daily charging phones for many people. The last time I traveled to Nnewi for an entrepreneurship program, I stayed in my friends house and had to go out to charge my phone when my battery ran down.
As I reached the shop, I was amazed to see the number of phones that were charging and I quickly included mine. As the owner of the shop and my friend knew each other very well, we just sat down there and were discussing while waiting for my phone to charge to an extent.
After a few minutes, the charging spaces were exhausted but customers were still trooping in. During the conversation I learnt that there were 200 slots in the shop and in most days the slots get exhausted.
Wow... 200 phones x N50=10,000, he makes N10,000 charging phones a day. Then after calculating the money he spends on fuel daily, you'l surprised at how much profit he generates. I further advised him to expand his business by making provisions for more charging slots which he told me that he was also thinking about doing.

How To Start Phone Charging Business In Nigeria

Starting a business charging people's phone batteries is very lucrative but needs great wisdom to run. Like we earlier said, the business goes very well in areas of low power supply, you can't start it in a place like Lekki Lagos, Owerri Imo State,Omoku Rivers State, Enugu or other parts of Nigeria that get good supply of electricity and expect to make good profit. For example, in Aladinma Owerri, there is a very good supply of electricity, something close to a regular supply of power so no one will love to stress himself or herself going out to charge phones.
Let's check out some things that are required for running a phone charging business for maximum profit and security.

Requirements for Starting a Phone Charging Business

- A generator (a small Tiger generator might work well)
- Socket outlets 
- Wires
- Desk top chargers (some people might not have personal desk top chargers)
With the items listed above you are good to go. One reason people will patronize you very well is that everyone has a phone and all batteries. Although many people have generator sets in their homes,not everyone will like to buy fuel just for charging a phone, to completely charge a phone you'll require to buy fuel of N500 or more but the shops will do that at only N50.

Steps for Starting a Phone Charging Business

- Finding A Suitable Location

Location matters very well and should be put into consideration first. You would't want to spend a whole day burning liters of fuel charging only two phones so you should choose a busy area for the business.
A good location to run this business is a market place or a bus stop. This is because many people leave there homes to attend to their daily businesses and they bring their mobile phones along with them.

- Get the necessary equipment

We have listed them above, your shop, wires, extensions, desktop chargers and generator (or other power supplies like solar). In addition, you can also consider to get some music players for keeping the shop lively.

- Create your sign post

This is for informing new people about the business and should be placed in front of your shop. The sign post should be visible enough and you should also assure your customers of the safety of their devices.

- Start running the business

At this stage it assumed that you're all set, so you can start running the business to generate profit. You can do some word-of-mouth advertisement in order to inform people about the new business. With time, all you'll be required to do will be to sit down in the morning and put on your generator and customers will start trooping in.

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