How To Start Tailoring Business In Nigeria

How To Start Tailoring Business In Nigeria
According to the Oxford dictionary, a tailor can be defined as someone whose occupation is to cut out and make men's garments; also, one who cuts out and makes ladies' outer garments.
Tailoring business is one kind of business that requires carefulness and real skills for someone to succeed in. I see many people asking questions like is tailoring material business profitable or how profitable is tailoring business in Nigeria.
Well, tailoring business is very lucrative and depending on your location and speed in delivering jobs, can earn you up to ₦500,000 a month. On an average, my tailor charges me ₦10,000 for each cloth and with the help of his apprentices, sews more than 4 clothes a day. If you check the arithmetic, you'll see that he makes more than  ₦500,000 monthly.
This is to show you how lucrative the business is although the cost is cheaper in some locations. What really matters in tailoring business is knowing how to do your job very well and delivering on time. Nigerian tailors are known for delivering late and if you prove yourself to be different from them, you'll see your shop always busy.

Setting Up A Tailoring Business In Nigeria

Like very other business, in setting up a tailoring business you need first acquire the basic tailoring skills. After that, you'll have to get the required resources and rent a shop for sewing the clothes and sampling new designs. Let's go through the basic steps on how to start a fashion business in Nigeria:

- Get the required knowledge and experience

Before starting your shop, you should first gather the required skills depending on the type of clothes you want to go into. Some people go into sewing of suits, some natives while many others specialize in both. It depends on your area but from the much I know, sewing natives are more lucrative than suits in Nigeria.

- Get the tools and equipment needed

As a tailor, you'll need some basic equipment that would help you in carrying out your job. Things you'd need include:
  • Sewing machine
  • Weaving machine
  • Embroidery machine
  • Over-lock machine
  • Working table
  • Needles and threads of different colours in bulk
As as beginner, depending on the available funds you can decide to start with the basics and expand as you advance. According to my tailor, when he started his business he used to go to other shops whenever he has clothes to weave or embroider.

- Choose a good location

Your location really matters because it'll go a long way towards getting your business in the eyes of potential customers. Don't just rent a shop because it's cheap rather consider a busy area. A good area with lots of occasions and events will mean a lot to you.

- Find funding

You can collect loans from banks, cooperative societies or other bodies that fund start-ups. You can also get the funding required for running your business by borrowing from your family members and friends or your savings if you have any.
Also, it's very important for you to groups like the Federal Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN) as it'll not only help in connecting you to other tailors and fashion designers, but also broaden your knowledge.

After funding your business and starting the business proper, the next thing you should consider is adopting good working ethics. In Nigeria, tailors are widely known for not delivering clothes on time to their customers.When a customer asks you how long his/her clothe will take, give him/her a reasonable time and try your best to keep to that time, it helps in building recurring clients.
Also, creativity is a great factor for anyone looking for how to improve tailoring business. You might have a good tailoring business plan in Nigeria but without being creative enough, lack clients. Nowadays, people no longer ask for the regular designs but prefer patronizing tailors that would offer them unique and amazing designs. 

As a good tailor, having an Instagram handle or Facebook page will help advertise your products to people free of charge and also provide a platform for connecting with fans. Many fashion designers have landed themselves big contracts after sampling their designs on the social networking platforms.

In conclusion, tailoring business is an amazing source of income if done well. There is always a space in the fashion designing world for new tailors and greater opportunities for creative ones. If you've been planning on embarking into tailoring business, I hope this article will be of much aid to you and before I forget, if you have any contributions drop them in the comment section and share the post to your friends, they'll appreciate it.
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