6 Easy Part-Time Jobs For Kenyan College And University Students

6 Easy Part-Time Jobs For Kenyan College And University Students
One of the issues faced by Kenyan students is the lack of funds necessary for solving their basic needs and demands.
This issue has pushed many of the students into searching for alternative ways of funding their education without affecting their grades. There are several jobs that you can combine with your education as a Kenyan student.
Probably you've been searching for part time jobs in Nairobi for university students, jobs for university students in Kenya, or undergraduate jobs in Nairobi, at he end of this article you'd have made a choice of a good job.
Before we continue, you can check out our articles on how to make money as a student in Ghana and how to make money as a student in Nigeria.

Part time jobs in Kenya for University students

Studying is Kenya and being committed to your studies doesn't mean that you can't work, most of the jobs we'll be listing here can be combined with your education.
Some part-time jobs you can combine as a Kenyan student include:

• Selling of your old notes to the other students:

You can sell your old notes to other Kenyan students and make some money. To do that, visit sites like stuvia.com and studysoup.com.

• Get paid for watching videos

Inasmuch as you can make money from YouTube, there are websites that you can log-in daily if you want to be paid for watching videos. A good example of such website is PerPerViews.com, SwagBucks, Viggle, Inbox Dollars and HitBliss. 

• Get paid for doing surveys and reviews online

Sites like Gartner and Capterra will pay you as much as $25 and $10 per software you review on their platform. You can also join platforms like mobrog and Swagbucks if ypu'd love to be paid for online surveys.

• Selling at Muthurwa.com

You can sell anything ranging from your photos to house pans, sound effects, book reviews, eBooks, class notes, themes and many more. In fact, this is one of the best websites for Kenyan students that would love to make some extra money while schooling.

• Sell your photos online

Do you have a good camera, are you a passionate photographer? Then you can sell your photos online and make good money regularly. You can see a list of websites that you can sell your photos online in Kenya.

• Make money online in Kenya blogging

You can make money in Kenya as a student blogger by publishing and monetizing your blog. You can create articles on any topic of your choice, generate traffic and earn from the blog.
Different ways of monetizing your blog include use of Ad Networksaffiliate marketingsponsored posts, advertising spaces and many more.
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