The Use Of Facebook As A Digital Marketing Platform In 2019

The Use Of Facebook As A Digital Marketing Platform In 2019
The importance of Facebook has increased at an unbelievable pace over the period of time.
In terms of user count, almost everyone on the face of this planet who uses a smartphone has a Facebook account. There is another area where Facebook is emerging as a very important component. Today, brands are using Facebook as a key method for digital marketing.  The reason is that it is one of the strongest platforms for reaching users. It is obvious that to market products and services, you should use a platform that is being used by most people. It is obvious that Facebook is a powerful digital marketing platform as immense people use it. Along with that, the count is obviously increasing with time. Social posts with attractive images are always beneficial. Digital marketing professionals now normally use Reverse Image Search platforms to make sure the authenticity of the photos they use in their content. 
The important question is that how can Facebook be used as a typical digital marketing platform. Some aspects which can be considered are listed below.
The use of Facebook as a digital marketing platform In 2019

Informative pages with text and visual content 

If your brand is new and you are about to launch a digital marketing campaign on Facebook for the first time, you should visit the Facebook pages of already established brands. What are the parameters which they have? What kind of information do visitors look for?
• On a general scale, Facebook users prefer pages with dynamically updated content. To keep the users engaged and retained, update your brand Facebook page with new content every now and then. Now, here you need to understand that most social media visitors prefer visual content or a combination of text and visual content. It is good to share an interesting blog post on social media but simply uploading text would not do any good. Hence, the contents of your post would matter a lot.
• Facebook content has to be recent. Most brand owners upload pictures of old products or previous business ventures. This is not something that would improve the sales volumes. Consider that you are about to launch a new product line for which you are seeking more buyers. Facebook can be easily used to accomplish this task but the strategy implemented matters a lot. Before the product launch, you have to create awareness so that people know what is about to be introduced in the market.
• Make each post and share catchy because that is important to get positive comments and a high count of likes. People only choose a brand through Facebook if it has been appreciated and acclaimed by people. The success or failure of a brand on Facebook is judged by the number of likes or positive comments that it has. This would depend on what your post offers. If it has a boring beginning with conventional text statements, you would not get a lot of likes or positive comments. Hence, the beginning should be catchy and crispy. Other than that, keep the tone realistic and not overly promotional. Let people decide whether your product is worth buying or not.

Visual Content is essential for a stronger impact

People prefer seeing over reading. No one has the time to read multiple paragraphs and then decide whether the product has to be purchased or not. Other than that, it is hard to choose a product if you do not know how it looks. Thus, visual content is essential if you want your Facebook page to grow.
• Adding images and stuffing the page with images are two very different things. No one has the time to view several albums and then choose a brand. Other than that, add related images only. If you are creating a post about an upcoming sale, do not add images of the products which were launched two years back. From every post, the reader should only be provided with related content. 
A lot of Facebook pages fail because they are overstuffed with unrelated images. If you are creating a post about an upcoming sale, add images of the related product line, discount offers and other related details.
• There is no doubt that adding videos on social media creates immense difference. This is because people are able to judge how a product works. We can go through a proper example to gain better understanding. Consider that you need to purchase a tablet and you want to know how an option by a particular brand works. Simply going through written text would not help you out. On the other hand, if you go through a video, you would be able to gauge the correct functionality of the tablet. Thus, videos are very helpful because they provide immense information to the buyer in few minutes. Other than that, watching a video does not cause boredom for the buyer. On the other hand, it takes a lot of patience to read long text chunks and most readers do not have it.

SEO of Facebook Pages

Just like web pages, effective search engine optimization of Facebook pages is very important. People would only click your Facebook page if it is among the top slots. Thus, consider the following key points while designing a Facebook page for your brand.
• Providing fresh content is essential to gain a higher SEO rank as well as retain the interest of the readers. No one likes reading the same content time and again. Do not produce copied content on your Facebook page because this would results in a Google penalty being applied.
Adding a new post does not mean that you should add anything even if it is not related to your product. If unrelated content is added on the Facebook page, it can actually confuse the reader and this would convince him to look for other brand options. 
• Lastly, planning each post is important. Is adding a post important at a particular time? Do you need to publish a post for an upcoming business venture? Is it important to add photos for a particular post? These are some questions which you should have in mind to manage a Facebook page effectively. Facebook is a powerful way to get customers and promote brand campaigns in a productive manner.
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