7 Things You Do Everyday That Are Rapidly Destroying Your Health

7 Things You Do Everyday That Are Rapidly Destroying Your Health
There are some of our common habits that are negatively affecting our health with some even leading to death.
Humans are the most intelligent primates and have over the years, invented and discovered many things that have helped make our lives better and easier. Popular inventions we use on daily basis include our gadgets, automobiles, electrical appliances, plastics and more.
Have you ever thought of the negative effects of these inventions? Have you ever sat down to check out how the world would have been without these inventions? As a matter of fact, the wold would have been boring without the Facebook and Instagram apps but spending time on our smartphones also has its own negative effects.

7 Unhealthy Habits We Do Everyday

These are some of the popular habits we carryout everyday that are slowly harming us. Some of them are things wee should do that we aren't doing while some are things we do that are not helping us.
Without much writing, let's run through some series of habits you should stop or start, at the end of the article, don't forget to drop your own in the comment section below.

- Not drinking enough water

Endeavour to take enough water regularly as it saves you from a lot of ailments like constipation and kidney diseases. Health practitioners recommend at least 8 cups of water everyday.
Not drinking enough water
We have previously listed out some benefits of water to living organisms and you can refer to the article for more awesome benefits. You can also check out these 7+ amazing health benefits of drinking water.

- Excessive consumption of alcohol

An alcoholic drink is any drink that contains ethanol and there are so many brands of alcoholic drinks on Earth, each containing different percentage of ethanol. Alcohols are produced from the fermentation of grains, fruits or other sources of sugar.
Inasmuch as drinking alcohol plays very important social role in many cultures, excessive intake of alcohols has so many negative health implications.
Short-term harm from over consumption of alcohol include skin flushing, dilated pupils, stumbling, mood swings, slower brain activity, sleepiness, irregular, or slow breathing, vomiting and passing out.

Alcohol poisoning may occur if someone consumes more than eight drinks per hour or when an individual’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) hits 0.15. Consumption of alcohol after exceeding the BAC can lead to ailments like nausea and vomiting, seizures, memory loss (about events that recently occurred), irregular or slowed breathing and even hypothermia or low body temperature.

- Excessive use of TVs, computers, video games and mobile phones

Maybe you enjoy watching YouTube videos whenever you're bored or spending time watching your favourite TV channels. These are some of the entertaining activities we carry out on daily basis, how about our younger ones that spend hours after their school playing video games?
Have you thought of the implications of these sedentary activities on our health? If you haven't heard of the sitting disease, I'll suggest you read about it now.

Excessive sitting can cause ailments like obesity, diabetes and hypertension. For a better health, try reducing the time you spend playing video games or watching televisions. If you work online or your job requires that you seat most of the time, try giving yourself breaks just to do little exercises.

- Skipping of breakfasts

A breakfast is a meal eaten in the morning, or the first meal of the day. Many people skip breakfasts due to busy schedules without knowing the importance and implications of missing it.
According to Clifford, a dietitian, breakfasts kick start the body metabolism and enables their smooth running. Some health implications of skipping breakfasts include obesity, hormonal imbalance and low levels of energy.

To protect your health always, ensure you take your breakfasts regularly except when a health practitioner tells you not to do so or you are fasting as per religious beliefs.

- Excessive consumption of coffee

Coffee is a popular brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans and helps in relieving mental and physical fatigue and increasing of mental alertness. Although coffee has been proven to be of great health benefits as it helps in the prevent of ailments like gallstones, lung cancer, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes and gastrointestinal cancer, it also has some serious health implications.
According to WebMD.com, some side effects of consuming excessive coffee include “caffeinism” with symptoms such as agitation or anxiety. Also, excessive coffee consumption can lead to addiction which will further lead to withdrawal symptoms if one suddenly stops drinking it.
Moreover, drinking of unfiltered can lead to increase in the body cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL).
Other things that can be caused by the caffeine in coffee include anxiety disorders, bleeding disorders, diabetes, diarrhea and glaucoma.

- Eating late at night

I'm also a used to this but I will change after this article...lol. I actually eat late whenever I have some articles or gigs to complete and I know yours might be same. According to health experts, chronic health conditions like asthma, chronic bronchitis, sinus disease, hoarseness, lithangiuria and sleep apnea can be linked to late night eating. Other ailments that can be caused by this unhealthy habit include acid reflux and heartburn. 
For a better health, reduce your intake of proteins and fats in the evening because they take longer time to digest. Rather go for fresh fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates. Your dinner should not be taken before 7pm and should be the lightest meal of the day.

- Regular consumption of junks and processed food

Most young people today, especially the students prefer going for junks instead of properly cooked foods. Junks are empty calorie foods that have been stripped of their basic nutrients. Regular intake of junks or processed foods will over time, cause a lot of health problems.
Some common health complications of consuming junks include poor immune system, fatigue, development of a and sickly body among many others.
Inasmuch as having a busy lifestyle can make cooking difficult for on, you can consider adapting lifestyles that would regulate your intake of junks like cooking on Sundays and storing in the fridge. There are also other foods that can be prepared quickly, in all, make it a duty that you eat two healthy meals on daily basis.

These are some of the things you need to start/stop practicing today, these are not all, why don't you add yours in the comment section? A stitch in time saves nine, reduce your intake of alcohol/coffee and increase your intake of water. Before you go, don't forget to share this post to your friends using the share buttons below.


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