Top 7 Growth Sectors In Africa That Will Make The Millionaires Of Tomorrow

Top 10 2019 Growth Sectors In Africa That Will Make The Millionaires Of Tomorrow
There are so many sectors that have the potentials of making tomorrow's millionaires if well managed.
The world is changing and to achieve financial success, you also have to adapt to the changes. There was a time when print magazines and post offices where booming, but right now...the internet has taken over these things.
Once someone raises this topic, the first thing that comes to a typical youth's mind is the internet. But do you know that there are more than 99 booming growth sectors in the world today?
Well let's check out some of them:

• Agriculture

The agricultural sector still remains untapped and with a great potential as many investors are showing interest in it. All our foods are gotten from this sector, our cotton and silk wears, bathing and washing soaps, rubber products and more.
Investing in the agricultural sector is a great way of securing your financial future as more amazing opportunities keep rising regularly. You can read more about the agricultural sector by checking out this article on Top 5 awesome agriculture business ideas that you can start as a Nigerian and 10+ top agribusinesses that can make you a millionaire.

• Solar energy

As the world is advancing, alternative ways of supplying electricity are being researched on and one of them is the solar energy. Most parts of the sub-Saharan Africa enjoy more than 300 days of free sun annually yet more than 600 million Africans do not have access to reliable electricity.
In most big cities, people often rely on diesel and gasoline engines as alternatives in times of power failures but these are pretty expensive. Investing in the solar business will not only fetch you great revenues, but will also provide an affordable and reliable source of power to the Africans who won't hesitate in grabbing the solar plants.

• Payment solutions

Annually, more than $100 billion worth of transactions are being made in Africa and majority of them is in form of cash. People are looking for alternative ways of paying for products without having to deposit cash due to the risks involved in carrying them around.
If you can start something like a payment gateway that will ensure seamless flow of transactions and also keep the users' details secured, in a little time you'll see the business being welcomed by all and sundry.
Some of the popular payment gateways in Africa today include SimplePay, Quickteller, Paystack, Webpay, Voguepay, Interswitch and Paga.

• Accessible internet

Most of the activities we carry out today require the internet. Things like sending of emails, renewing of TV subscriptions, watching of videos, downloading/playing games and using the social networking apps.
Investing in making the internet accessible will be a smart decision anyone can take. According to a recently conducted research, the African internet market is still untapped as there are millions of people who have never set their eyes on an internet enabled device before.
This is the reason why the world's tech giants like Facebook and Google are fighting to improve Internet access in Africa.

• Smartphone business

Smartphones are now becoming rampant and over the last two years, the sales of smartphones have increased as millions of Africans are joining in the rising trend. Almost anything that can be done with a laptop can be done with a smartphone and even more. This fact plus the portability has contributed to the popularity of the mobile devices.
However, big smartphone brands like the Samsung and iPhone are quite expensive for the average man with some reaching $1,000. This has lead to the success of cheaper brands like the Huawei, Tecno, Itel, Gionee, Lenovo and many more as they have almost the same features with these bigger brands.
You can know more about this sector by reading this eye opening article on how to start a successful phone business in Nigeria.

• Education sector

There is a popular saying that the easiest way of making money in Africa is by setting up a church or school. This not far from the truth because Africans are very religious and would even fight to protect their religious beliefs.
Africa is a continent with so many talented youths and also has one of the youngest populations in the world. According to research, more than 50% of Africans are under 31. This is great but out of these, how many of them have access to quality education? We earlier listed out some challenges that are currently facing education in Africa and if you can sort out mans of tackling these challenges, you'll in no big time become among the successful entrepreneurs in town.

• Online apps and services

Wise African entrepreneurs are grabbing the continent's growing digital economy positively. There is a mobile app for almost every thing you'd want to do online ranging from booking of flights and hotels to the recipes for cooking.
You can also watch movies and download latest music from apps that offer such services. If you can think out and create an app that will be solving some specific problems or offer some good services, I bet you'd in no distant time be among the Forbes list for youngest successful entrepreneurs.

Achieving business success is very possible if your believe and apply the right strategies. What do you think about these growing sectors listed above? Which other good ones did I omit? Don't forget to drop us a comment and share with your friends!
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