Top 7 Menial Jobs In Nigeria That Pay More Than Salary Jobs

Top 10 Menial Jobs In Nigeria That Pay More Than Salary Jobs
Have you ever though about how much people earn from menial jobs and how you too can start a lucrative one?
Well, after this article, I'm sure you'll stop carrying files around in search of jobs because it'll serve as an eye opener to you. One shocking fact is that not many salary jobs in Nigeria pay as much as ₦90,000 which is around ₦3,000 a day. 
Have you ever settled down to discuss with a business owner? Do you know that many of them earn more than ₦5,000 profit everyday?
Let's check out some very lucrative menial jobs in Nigeria:

• Akara

Akara business is still on of the most lucrative small businesses one can engage in. I recently shard an article on how you can become a millionaire from selling akara in Nigeria and it got a lot of positive feedback.
Becoming successful as an akara seller is not so hard and good a thing, the business is less competitive.

• Barbing

Barbing salon business is another lucrative business you can venture into. All it requires is staying in a good location and being an expert in thee skill. Nobody goes to a bad barber two times, so your skill is the most important of all.
You can read more on how to become successful in barbing salon business in Nigeria, we explained everything you need to know.

• Carpentry/furniture makers

Whether you'r packing into a duplex or a one-bedroom flat,you can't do without a piece of furniture. Counting from your upholstery down to your dining table, you'll require the services of a carpenter.
Starting a carpentry workshop will help you in achieving financial freedom as a Nigeria. You just have to deliver the best to your customers and they'll com back when thy need more jobs.

• Football viewing business

During sport events like World Cup and Champions League, people gather in football viewing centres to watch matches. Most people prefer these viewing centres because they make the football fun. You'll often hear shouts and rejoicing when a tam scores and things like that.
You can start making good money from football today by starting a football viewing centre.

• Keke/bus transport business

This is yet another lucrative menial business that people don't know about. If you ever settle down to calculate how much it drivers make in a day, I'm sure you'd be shocked.
You can start a transportation business with someone's car and purchase yours when you've saved enough.

• Laundry

Dry-cleaning business is very lucrative in big cities like Abuja, Lagos, Owerri, Port Harcourt and Kano. This is because of the fact that people living in these areas are too busy with their regular jobs that they rarely have time to wash.
Starting a dry-cleaning shop in a busy area will help you achieve financial freedom in a short while.

• Photography

Photography is also a very lucrative job that many people look down on. In special occations, a photographer can make as much as ₦50,000 a day covering events. This is more than many people's regular salaries.
Photographers have different skills and it's what makes them to stand out among others. In excelling as a photographer, you need to be creative and professional with your shots.

Thanks for reading along, which of these have you tried? Don't forget to drop us a comment and share with your friends.
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