5 Simple Tips For Speeding Up Your Old Smartphone

5 Simple Tips For Speeding Up Your Old Smartphone
Having a slow smartphone is so annoying and frustrating. In some cases, it happens when so many apps are minimised or in use.
In this case the solution is normally to restart or close some of the apps that might be causing the issue.
In the other instance that you notice that you're phone gets slower with age, then there are some things you can do before ditching the phone.

5 Simple Ways To Give Your Old Smartphone A Speed Boost

Inasmuch as there is no fast solution for fixing a sluggish phone, you can apply any or more than one of the recommended solutions below to help your smartphone work as efficiently as possible:

• Update your operating system

Using an outdated operating system can make your phone slow. Regularly carry out recommended updates as soon as your phone starts signalling you. It has much more to offer apart from an awesome theme or screen saver.

To check for updates in your Android device, go to Settings⇒About Device⇒System Updates.

To check for updates in your iPhone, go to Settings⇒General⇒Software Updates.

• Clear cached data

The cache is used to make the loading of web pages faster by giving the data from the previous browsing sessions. When your phone's cache is full, the phone will have to scan its entire memory for the required data.
This is the reason why experts recommend clearing your phone's cache anytime it starts running slow. Imagine your 5-year old device with all the browsing sessions, cookies and caches stored? Simply clearing your smartphone's cache will make a good impact on the time it takes in loading the web pages and running other commands.

To clear your iPhones cache, go to Settings⇒Safari⇒'Clear History and Website Data'⇒'Clear History & Data'.

To clear your Android's cache, go to Settings⇒Safari⇒Storage ⇒Other Apps. Then find the app you want to clear and select the 'Clear Cache' option.

• Manage your apps

Not effectively managing your applications can drain your phone's performance. You can easily improve your phone's speed by deleting any unused apps. Playstore app makes it easier for for Android users to locate and uninstall apps that you've not used for quite a time.
For apps that are regularly updated like WhatsApp and Facebook, periodically deleting and reinstalling the apps might be beneficial. This is because when the apps are updated, the previous versions of the apps are deleted but rather overwritten by the new update.
Alternatively, you can freeze apps that you don't normally use if your device supports it. The app won't be deleted but many of its features will be temporarily paused.

• Performance enhancing apps

There are  number of apps that you can download from your app store for boosting your phone's performance. A good example of such app is the task manager app which will help give you control over which applications are activated upon tarting up your device.
Limiting  or reducing the number of apps activated upon booting will help in shortening the amount of time your device takes to 'wake up'.

• Go for lightweight Android apps

Android Go is Google’s lightweight mobile platform that is designed to run on devices with relatively lower specs like RAM and processors. Some of your favourite apps like Google, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and Yahoo Mail all have Go apps.

The above tips have been tested and will surely be of great aid to you. Some experts also recommend replacing of the phone's batteries. Most smartphone batteries do more than just powering the devices, they are also integral to how a phone operates. 
We however didn't include this as most modern devices come with in-built batteries. If you're device has an inbuilt battery, you can take it to a specialist but in the other case, you just have walk into any good phone shop around you for a battery replacement.

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