WhatsApp Pay Will Help You Send And Receive Money Via WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Pay Will Help You Send And Receive Money Via WhatsApp Messenger
The Facebook owned instant messaging WhatsApp is set to officially launch an online payment gateway to its app.
The new feature which will be a better alternative to PayPal, Payoneer, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Paytm and other payment gateways will be released this year.
The payment system which was initially set to launch in 2017 will allow WhatsApp users easily send and receive money to family and friends over text. It'll make transfer of money as easy as sending of WhatsApp texts.
WhatsApp Pay will be launched in India as the country accounts for the highest users of the app after which it'll expand to the other countries.

According to Whatsapp;
WhatsApp Payments will make it as easy to pay someone on WhatsApp as it is to send a message. Payments services are critical to accelerating financial inclusion and bringing millions of people into India’s fast-growing digital economy. We can’t wait to provide this service to our users across India this year.
The WhatsApp payment system is made possible via a UPI which will enable users to send and receive money easily. With the new service, users can now link their bank account to their WhatsApp account via Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and begin making payments straight to another user’s bank account through a WhatsApp chat.

How To Send Money On Whatsapp

WhatsApp users can locate the payment option in WhatsApp by tapping on the attachment icon. After that, users will see the payment option along with other options such as gallery, video, document, etc.

A list of banks will appear on the screen and you then have to select the bank account that is being linked. After selecting the account, you will just have to verify it before proceeding to send the money.
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