7 Differences Between Life In Ghana And Nigeria

7 Differences Between Life In Ghana Compared To Life In Nigeria
Ghana and Nigeria are two countries in the Western part of Africa with a lot of similarities and differences.
Many times you'll hear Nigerians comparing themselves to the Ghanaian music, system of academics, food, economy and more. Which is better between Nigeria and Ghana? 

What Are The Differences Between Nigeria And Ghana?

In this article we'll be listing out the outstanding differences that exist between the two countries.
Some differences between life in Nigeria and Ghana include:

• Entrance System in bank halls

Nigerian banks are mandated by the government to operate a secured entrance system. This entrance system which was adapted for combating bandit attacks has also discouraged quick, and easy movement into and out of bank halls.
In the case of the Ghana banks, entrance into and out of bank halls are said to be porous. A good example of this is the UBA bank branches in Ghana and Nigeria. In Nigeria, UBA banks make use of security doors while in Ghana, they are yet to implement the proactive measure.

• The use of Tricycles (Keke Napep) for transportation

In most Nigerian cities like Lagos and Port Harcourt you'd see tricycles being used for conveying people from one location to another. Keke Napeps became popular in Nigeria after many state governors banned the use of okadas in Nigeria states. The use of tricycles in Nigeria is still massive despite moves by some state governors like the former governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas to replace them with taxis.
In the case of Ghana, tricycles are not so popular and are mostly used for transporting goods. The number of Keke Napeps in Ghana is relatively low when compared to the Nigeria.

• How Ghana and Nigeria eat roasted corns

In Ghana, a roasted corn is dipped in salty water before being eaten or served to customers. This makes the taste quite different from the Nigerian roasted corn and unlike Nigerians, the corns are mostly eaten with coconut.
In the case of the Nigerians, corns are eaten immediately after being roasted. Nigerians don't bother about dipping the corns in salty water as it appears they are comfortable with the normal taste. While talking about the accompaniment, Nigerians mostly use pears but you can also see them eating their corns with coconut. 

• The system of road blocking

Road blocking system in Ghana and Nigeria are different but all serve one purpose of maintaining law and order. In Ghana, road blocks are called barriers and road users will be notified via road sign, with inscriptions like, ‘barrier ahead of you’.
In Nigeria, you'll see police officers in road blocks with red plastics or metals and maybe, with a reflective police jacket maybe hanging on it. You might also see things like heaps of sand bags and leaves and fire in small pots.

• The use of sirens

In Ghana you'll only hear the siren when an ambulance or fire service vehicle is on the road. This makes the use sirens exclusive to emergency situations like fire outbreaks or conveyance of sick or accident victims to the hospitals.
When talking about Nigeria, every influential politician or business man is qualified to move around in sirens. You'd often hear sirens when the president, governors, military heads and business men are being conveyed.

• Mode of admission into universities

To gain admission into any Nigerian university you have to write a series of exams. These include WASSCE (or NECO), JAMB and the school's aptitude test which is set by the individual colleges. After meeting these requirements, you might also be need some connection to get courses like medicine.
In Ghana the process of admission is quite simple as your WASSCE result are enough to grant you admission into any college of your choice.

• Registration of new SIM card

 In Nigeria, registration of new SIM cards is a business of its own and customers have to meet a good number of requirements. Apart from presenting a valid ID card, Nigerians also have to pass though a biometric process that will get their finger prints saved in the platforms. Also you are mandated by the NCC to make calls or any other chargeable transactions in less than 24 hours to protect your SIM from being banned. 
In the case of Ghana, the process of registering your new SIM card is as easy as buying goods from the market. All you are required to present is a valid ID card and the SIM card seller will register the SIM in minutes.


Life is Ghana and Nigeria is full of fun and a lot of experiences. With this you should know what to expect when next you visit Nigeria. The banks, transportation system, police check points, academic systems and more.
Thanks for reading along, don't forget to drop us a comment and share with your friends. Also check out these 6 reasons you MUST visit Ghana as a Nigerian. I bet you won't hesitate in touring Ghana after seeing the number 5 reason!
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