Kogi Election: Politicians Engage in fake news to delegitimise INEC/Electoral Process - CDD

Kogi Election: Politicians Engage in fake news to delegitimise INEC/Electoral Process - CDD
The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) said political parties used fake news to delegitimise Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the electoral process during recently conducted gubernatorial election n Kogi State.
The information was made known by the agency's director, Ms Idayat Hassan in the group’s preliminary statement on the conduct of Saturday’s Kogi governorship election. 

Hassan said that CDD’ electoral environment observation report had previously predicted that political parties would use fake news during the election to cause confusion.

Some of the fake news circulated today include the disqualification of the PDP candidates, false results, fake images of thugs arrested and snatching of ballot papers.

CDD fact-checkers were able to debunk most of the fake news.

The hoaxes are mainly intended at delegitimising INEC and the process; again, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp are the leading platforms used to spread disinformation.

Hassan said that earlier, voters across 21 Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Kogi went to the poll to elect a Governor and in Kogi West, a rescheduled senatorial election also got underway following a court verdict.

She added that at the CDD Election Analysis Centre (EAC), reports have been coming from trained and accredited observers deployed across the 21 LGAs of the state.

She said that the preliminary statement was an overview of the initial findings on the conduct of the election.

While speaking on the electoral process, Hassan noted that CDD observed use of financial inducements to affect the outcome of the election. Many party agents in several polling units were giving voters between ₦500 - ₦3,000 to influence them.

In addition to this, the agency also recorded systematic and coordinated violent attacks at polling units and carting away of voting materials.

In polling unit 001 in Ward 4, Dekina LGA, CDD observers reported sporadic gunfire; violent caused by rival party thugs who battled one other over control of the polling environment.

These were in Felele and Ganaja areas of Lokoja LGA, especially in Registration Area 08, Oworo, Felele Area, PU 004. In Ankpa 1 Polling Unit (PU) with number 2203-04-0 in Ankpa LGA,“ she said

She further narrated how observers and journalists in many polling units were blocked from access and taking photographs in what appeared to be an attempt to prevent gathering of evidence of electoral malpractices

Meanwhile, Gov. Dickson of Bayelsa State has alleged hijacking of voting materials by the APC.
Source| NAN
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