7 Easiest Ways To Travel Out Of Nigeria In 2020 (Even If You Don’t Have Enough Money)

7 Easiest Ways To Travel Out Of Nigeria In 2020
Many Nigerian youths regularly dream of how they can leave the shores of the country, whether to work, study or as tourists. If you're among the category, relax, you're not alone.
There are millions of other youths, and even adults that are like you and we'd be showing how to actualise that dream of yours, even without having enough money.

If you've ever dreamt of travelling abroad, I guess this article is for you. We'd guide you through some easiest ways on how your dreams can be achieved without spending much.

7 Best Ways To Go Abroad

The methods we'd be listing have been helpful to many people in the past. They are not illegal, and try as much as possible to stir clear of illegalities when you eventually land in your dream country. Over the years, many countries of the world have toughened their Visa processes because of the way Nigerians live when they eventually step into their soil.
The United States have arrested a good number of Nigerians like Mr. Obinwanne Okeke of Invictus Group of Companies for frauds they committed against US citizens.

• Gain admission to study abroad

This is one of the easiest ways of leaving the shores of Nigeria. If you're done with your secondary school education, you can easily secure an admission with any higher institution in any part of the world (especially with English support) and you won't have to wait for JAMB to enter school.
We have helped more than 55 students secure admissions into schools in countries like China, India, Cyprus, Malaysia and Ukraine.

We also share the latest scholarship opportunities on our platform for students whose sponsors aren't able to cater for their education abroad.

We have an amazing scholarship opportunity for Nigerian students intending to study at Fuxin University in China.
Courses include:
  - Computer Science and Technology
  - International Trade and Economy
  - Architecture
  - Electrical Engineering
  - Mechanical Engineering
It is a partial scholarship opportunity but high performing students can have access to a full scholarship after their first year.
To find out more about the scholarship and application deadline, kindly contact us by visiting this page.

• Get a job overseas

If you know someone residing overseas, he or she can easily help you secure a good job their. It is normally easier to go through someone you know very well and trust to avoid getting into the hands of human traffickers who might force you into prostitution and other things you normally won't like to do.

Some common job opportunities Nigerian do when they travel abroad include bartender, waiter and waitress, tour guide, hostel worker, farmworker and more.
Also check out our article on 4 important things you must think about before you get a job abroad.
If you study abroad, getting a job won't be a hard task especially in the developed parts of the world.

• Become an English instructor abroad

There is a high and increasing demand for English instructors in countries like China, Thailand and India. Getting the job is quite easy, so far you can perfectly read, writer and speak English.
You just need to be confident in your English language skills and you can be raking in thousands monthly.

• Housesitting job

Getting a housesitting job in a foreign country will not only help you in earning some money, it'll also save you a lot of money that should have been spent on accommodation.
According to Dalene Heck or NomadicMatt.com, she (and her husband Pete) have been able to save over $30,000  in accommodation costs in 3 years because of house-sitting.

If you're interested in house-sitting jobs, you can get them here:

  - TrustedHousesitters.com: ($130 USD annual fee) – This site is heavy on UK and European house-sits but is also gaining ground in Australia and North America.
  - Nomador.com: (free or $89 USD annual fee) – Nomador has the highest number of house-sits in Europe and is growing worldwide. Its unique “trust profiles” help lay a foundation of trust between homeowners and house-sitters. In addition, it has an exciting “Stopovers” feature, which is similar to Couchsurfing.
  - Housecarers.com: ($50 USD annual fee) – Plenty of good house-sits, with a focus on Australia, New Zealand, and North America, but a poor website structure makes it difficult to navigate.
  - MindMyHouse.com: ($20 USD annual fee) – Low fee to join, a good number of house-sits (primarily in North America and Europe), and a well laid-out website.
Also check out our post on tips for finding the best accommodation while working and travelling. It'l help you in planning your next trip and offset your travel bills without digging into your life savings.

• Get married to someone abroad

This is one of the surest ways of getting your Visa to any country of the world. It doesn't matter if it is a contract marriage or a real one, you just have to get the necessary documents.
There are many dating sites that you can sign-up to connect with interested and 'singles' that are ready to 'mingle'. In all, shine your eyes to avoid getting scammed!

• Attend conferences

You can also travel outside Nigeria by attending events and conferences. Last December, our team was given an invitation to attend an event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Opportunities like that come regularly and you can always grab them if your interested.
You can also attend religious tours like pilgrimages that are held annually in various parts of the world.

• Sell your stuff

If you intend residing abroad but you don't have enough funds, you can also try selling off some of your old stuff. It won't only help you in raising money, you'd also be disposing off some old properties that you don't need anymore.

What do you think? I hope this article offers a great help to all Nigerians that have been looking for ways to travel abroad. Before you leave, we have an article on how to get the cheapest flights in Nigeria. I suggest you check it out, it'll help you in saving a lot of money annually by providing the cheapest available airliners without stress.
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