Coronavirus | 5 Sure Ways To Get High Paying Remote Jobs In Nigeria

5 Sure Ways To Get High Paying Remote Jobs In Nigeria
We'd be listing out some very important things you need as a Nigerian, or African in order to work for a foreign firm remotely from your home.
Some years back, getting a good, high-paying job in Nigeria involves getting a good degree and submitting job applications to different firms. Fast-forward to 2020, a lot has changed and we believe it's still changing for better. You can now get educated from the comfort of your bedrooms, secure a good job online and still work without having to secure any physical office.

With so many factors like the increasing number of people getting contacted with the coronavirus and many others, you could bet me that the number of foreign firms opting for remote workers will be increasing in a few weeks time.

5 Important Things You Need To Work Remotely For A Foreign Firm In Nigeria

So in a moment like this, how do you intend landing your dream job? The old way of getting a degree and submitting your CV or do you intend taking your job search online? This post is for the later, so you can proceed if you fit into the category.
Now leggoo...

• Learn a skill

You can't get a job without offering a skill, and you can't offer a skill without learning one. You can learn anything, from freelance writing to graphics designing and even web designing/development. It all depends on your passion.

You can also decide to learn more than one skill, but becoming an expert and focusing in just one will be better than trying to master all available skills. For example, I learnt web designing/development but also write because I enjoy it. I've been tutoring different people on web designing for as low as ₦7,000, something you'd have to pay nothing less than ₦30,000 to learn in a programming firm.

• Your resume matters

If you'd be sourcing for gigs in a job board like Fiverr, you can do without a gig but not when you want to work with an American firm. While a CV is a detailed summary of your skills, your resume is a brief summary of your skills and experiences and can be over one or two pages.
Not everyone can design a good resume, so you can contact anyone to help you with it, it might attract a little fee.

• Build a network with other professionals

No man is an island, you should try getting people in your  niche and work with them. You might be so good in the skill, but building a network will help you figure out the latest trends and the best time to hop in.

• Discipline is Key

Getting a job is important, but keeping the job is more important. Your employer won't want to hear that you couldn't complete a job because of light or you woke up late. You know? Foreigners work with time and can always replace any unserious employee.
Always endeavour to get an alternative power source like generator or solar power plant. It might be expensive, but will be important in the later run.

• Decide on how you want to receive your payment

This is another major problem that Nigerian freelancers face. PayPal and some other payment gateways trusted by foreigners neither allow us to send nor receive payments from clients around the world. A platform like PayPal allows sending, but restricts us from receiving.

We've got a good news for you, getting a working PayPal won't be an issue again as we're creating accounts at affordable rates. The account will be able to send, receive, request and even withdraw payments to your local Nigerian accounts at the normal exchange rates. You can find out more by contacting us, also note that we verify all accounts at no extra charges. We provide credit cards, so you don't have to fear about PayPal limiting your account when you exceed to monthly limit.

What more? Don't forget to drop us a comment and share with your friends. Before you leave, also check out our article on 10 easiest ways to make money online in 2020.
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