Top SEO Hacks to Make Your Content Stand Out

Top SEO Hacks to Make Your Content Stand Out

For churning out SEO-friendly content these days, it could be challenging for digital marketers to implement some new strategy. That is because producing fresh content is not as simple as it sounds. You will find loads of information online, all that is not quality content or authentic information. Therefore, creating something unique that resonates with your audience takes time, research, and writing skills. For instance, if you are writing about 10 best beach vacations around the world, you need to write a detailed guide supported with relevant pictures and videos. 

According to an article published on searchenginejournal.com, though BERT update did provide a subtle nod on the significance of search intent, content writers knew that Google is focusing on audience-oriented content. 

If your content makes the readers’ lives easy, answers their questions, and proves beneficial in solving their problems, such content is ranked higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Quality content drives traffic to your website and eventually leads to conversions and sales. Therefore, in this article, we will walk you through some of the best tips to optimize your content that grabs the top spot in the SERPs. You need to write for the users and not the search engines. Content drives traffic, engagement, and gradually builds a loyal audience for your business. Here are some of the top ways to make your content stand out from the rest or simply use digital marketing agency Auckland:

• Write for your targeted customers 

While writing an in-depth article or for that matter, a blog, you will need to focus more on your prospective customers. Your information must be audience-centric. Average content will not make the mark or resonate with your audience. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, if you are writing about kitchen appliance, your target audience is women, and therefore, you need to create your guest blog or how-to article accordingly. The piece should explain why a juice maker is needed in a modern kitchen. You need to explain the benefits of the product instead of listing the technical specifications. Your audience will not be interested in reading boring technical information. 

Most writers spin content these days; make use of confusing words, making a mess of things. Write in a natural flow and use simple language. You cannot make products popular if you end up annoying your audience. 

• Make your content KW-rich

A blog or an article is optimized and ranks higher in the SERPs if it is KW-rich or includes KW-rich phrases. When it comes to SEO, it helps you to rank higher in the SERPs, however, if you do not include the relevant KWs in the piece, your piece will never rank. Your visitors search for 10 best hotels in Bali, you have long-form content on Bali, but sans the KWs. In such a case, how will your blog rank if it does not come up in the search? 

You will need to choose the best and trending KWs using the Google KW Planner tool. Even Google Analytics helps in getting the relevant KWs or search phrases used by online visitors. When you incorporate these KWs into your blog, your website would rank higher in the SERPs. 

Then, there are some SEO rules you need to follow. Use the KWs naturally in the content and do not stuff the piece with search phrases. Overdoing will not help, because Google will penalize your website if it finds that you are cramming content with KWs or spamming. Based on the word limit of your blog, you will need to decide the KW density in the piece. These little things matter much when you create content and want the same to rank higher in the SERPs. 

• Write attractive headlines 

You have brainstormed and come up with a very good and relevant topic, but you end up writing an amateurish blog title or headline. Will your audience like it? No way. Make your headline catchy. It could be a question intriguing to your potential customers. It could be something like 10 best tips to stay healthy amid the corona pandemic. Improvise your article or blog headline before publishing the piece. 

Create a killer article title so that your audience feels interested in reading the content. Keep the headline short and creative. Make sure you use the keyword (KW) in the article or blog title if you can integrate it naturally, else not. Including KW in the headline helps in optimizing your content. 

• Share on your content on social media platforms 

You cannot popularize your business without social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Your content will rank if social site buttons are integrated into your content. People will share the piece if it’s really good. Once visitors share the blog on Facebook, people will start liking and commenting on your post. You need to reply to user comments to take any conversation forward. 

With social media, your blog reaches out to a huge audience and on numerous platforms. For instance, if your blog is on the romantic destinations in Bali, you can share the stunning photos and videos on Instagram for more likes, shares, and comments. Social media helps in driving quality traffic to your business website. This way, you can generate leads from anywhere in the world, thus boosting your online presence in less time. Post all your content with an effective call-to-action or CTA. 

Additionally, you can participate in communities or forums that deal with your topic or subject. You can promote your content on these platforms to generate leads. 

• Maintain a proper structure for your posts

You need to structure your content for better rankings. Your article or blog should have a title, subheadings, bullet points, and photos or videos. These days, listicle articles rank high in the SERPs. Make your paragraphs short. Your content should be scannable. A wall of text without visual breaks will bore your audience, and they will not read your blog or article. Use data to support facts in the content. 

Additionally, keep the trendiest blogs on top, informative in the middle, and older posts below. It helps in improving your SEO. 


Now that you have these tips, you can create optimized content to pique audience interest and improve search rankings. People should read your blog and share it on social media, all of which help in branding.

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