iWriter Review: Why You Must Never Work With iWriter

iWriter Review
For those who may not have known about iWriter, it is a content writers site, very much similar to a micro job site. It is a job bard just like these ones that will also get you buyers and also very dissimilar. It's nice for connecting content writers to article buyers.
It has about three levels for writers Elite, Premium and Standard.
A standard writer, the very first level is just like their slave. He earns the lowest rates per articles and has to write very well or pay to be upgraded.
iWriter Review
A Premium writer earns higher than the standard writer, I mean even more than twice the wages of a standard writer depending on the client in question.
iWriter Review
and finally the Elite. These people are those who make the greatest money from iWriter. You can see that from the picture below.
iWriter Review
Now, you can see that the differences are much. I don't actually blame them, because even Fiverr has reviews. You need to do some work to go on higher level and so it's not bad. 
Now, you can pay to bypass these levels. With a one time payment of $197, you are automatically boosted to be an Elite or Premium writer, depending on their judgement which they didn't actually tell us how they do it.
You can see what it takes to go on a higher level, but you can JUST PAY to skip it.
iWriter Review
So money rules everywhere 😅

However, do they think that it's everyone that can afford $197 before coming to iWriter? It's made up of young and teenage writers who actually want to support their pocket allowances or fund their blogs. The criteria for getting an upgrade isn't that cheap too. So for how long would you write an article for less than a dollar?

 Why Do I Hate iWriter

There are so many things that made me dislike iWriter. Starting from their exploiting rates, their expensive upgrades and so many others. Find out more:
#1 I was trying to log into my long forgotten iWriter account and look at what I saw on their landing home page.
iWriter Review
OMG...I was so much amused. How can you pay me $1.25 to write an article? Still you have to take your share, then I get very little. That's so bad. It's my major reason for hating iWriter.

#2 Their only method of payment is PayPal, which is not accepted in my country. Before you receive your earnings, you have the option of creating one account if you haven't, and it's with their affiliate. Maybe that's why they don't want to add an alternative form of payment. Even Fiverr and other job boards have alternatives.

#3 They don't protect their writers. A client has to see your work before accepting and can reject after seeing, making you to stand between chances of loosing your articles to theft. Some people will still it and publish, then reject it and give you a poor review.

#4 There are very low chances of approval. I wrote this article for a client and it was rejected. My God, what does he want? It was well researched and the guy gave me a 3★ review on top of the rejection. I had to publish it here to show people how quality articles get rejected on the platform.

#5 They also give very little time. How can you have three hours to write an article? It might be much but you actually need to have up to a day, instead you get much work to submit in 24 hours. That's my opinion, since I have gotten experiences from Fiverr and other freelancing opportunities.

I might have different views from you, so if you actually still want to try iWriter, then sign up and begin your career with them. There are thousands of writers on the platform and so you can still make it. 
However, you must be good in English Language to be able to pass their test and satisfy your clients. That's my advice. 

But I don't suggest that for you, since I made close to $3,000 from freelancing in a month. I didn't invest anything, except subscribing my modem which is very cheap in my country. I wrote an e-book, Actualizing Your Dreams As A Freelancer where I taught how I actually came to that level, and now I can live as a full time home worker. You can get the e-book at only $0.99 by clicking here or find out more about it here.

Apart from freelancing, you can actually start blogging, earn from shortening urls, or start up these internet money making methods you can do with out even a capital. They pay even though they might not be that lucrative. 
There is so much money on the internet but they need to be harvested. Start up something today and it will not take time, you'd be thankful you did.
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